On SIDE A of our 2nd episode we’ll be reviewing STAR WARS: EPISODE 7 THE FORCE AWAKENS. Listen as Alex commits blasphemy with his review and how Eric desperately tries to explain away the elements in the film that Alex was disappointed with . So we humbly invite you to join us and we hope you find our banter entertaining and enlightening!

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Fan Film Corner: Born of Hope

With the new “Hobbit Flick out: Desolation of Smaug out” We would like to bring back a fan film that came out about 4 years ago titled  “Born of Hope” inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” saga by The Actors of Work Productions. Check out this flick again as we return to Fan Film Corner.

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╬D Recommendation: ViolinTay (Taylor Davis) and Malukah (Judith de los Santos)

This Week’s ╬D Recommendation: belongs to Malukah aka Judith de los Santos, the Jaw-dropping bombshell of a voice and beauty that brought you two of the most amazing video game covers you have or ever going to hear in this lifetime or the next and ViolinTay aka Taylor Davis who extremely talented and gorgeous Violinist who brings you the extremely best violin covers this side of the milky way galaxy!!

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Tickle Your Pickle: "The Lion King Rises"

For This week’s selection of Tickle Your Pickle Fridays, we show you one of the best Hands Down mash up trailers ever made: “The Lion King Rises”.

This trailer is freaking MIND BLOWING it was Edited by Brad Hansen (, aka MovieMaestroTen even “The Dark Knight Rises” Director Christopher Nolan loved it he thought it was “pretty epic” in an Entertainment Weekly article: LINK to Article

so enough talk..check out the video below

Footage property of Disney Studios. Audio property of Warner Bros. Pictures. Use under parody.

-Brian Lansangan
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