╬D TV Recap: Fringe

September 28, 2012 Eric Chacon 0

Fringe, Fox’s direct descendant of The X-Files, is a sci-fi tale of risk, redemption, romance, repairing strained family relations and mad science run amok. Much […]

Weekly Pull-List 9/26/12

September 26, 2012 Eric Chacon 0

Welcome back, True Believers and Constant Readers, to the Templar Digital Team’s Pull-List of new comics.  It’s a pretty big week, with Ultimate Captain America becoming […]

Weekly Pull List 9/19/12

September 19, 2012 Eric Chacon 0

Election season got you sick and tired of partisan politics?  Well the Templar Digital Team is here with the endorsement to end all endorsements:  Captain […]

Weekly Pull List 8/15/12

August 15, 2012 Eric Chacon 0

Welcome back, our comic-crazed compatriots! This week in the Marvel U, the (kinda) epic crossover event Avengers vs. X-Men is speeding toward conclusion. Last week […]