Machinima has released this little piece of internet gold a few days ago. Don’t know how I didn’t catch it till now. It’s definitely fun to watch, even though I know that the story isn’t really meant to be taken serious but I have to admit it’s a little clunky, they could’ve ironed it out a bit more than they did. Besides that, it’s a very cool mashup! Enjoy!

Batman travels to the Death Star in the most epic episode of Super Power Beat Down of all time!

Directed by Aaron Schoenke
Produced by Aaron Schoenke Sean Schoenke Nikolay Zamkovoy
Special Effects by Nikolay Zankovoy
Original Music and Sound by Sean Schoenke
Cinematography by Joey Rassool
Editing by Aaron Schoenke
Make Up by Jeff West
Stunt Coordinator Shaun Piccinino
Bat Cowl Sculpted by Shawn Reevz

Kevin Porter as Batman
Damian Beurer as Darth Vader
David Baxter as Darth Vader Unmasked
Jon-Charles Cordery as Darth Vader’s Voice


Really quick before I hit the sack. I wanted to share this awesome fan made, live-action version of the BATMAN: TAS intro. Big fan of the series and a big fan of the Fleischer inspired style. One thing I noticed in the very first seconds, there’s a quick static-tracking line the goes up on the old WB logo and distorts a bit… ah good old days of VHS, nostalgia. Enjoy!

“Convenient Store Man” Real Life Hero

In a world full of bad guys getting away, wars raging, political discourse, it’s always good to pass on good news when possible. In this case here’s a convenient store owner who goes into action when a would-be robber threatens the store clerk. Maen Mdanat owner of the Axis convenient store (Tuscon, Arizona) for the past five years has earned himself the reputation of a neighborhood hero.

TCaptain-America-punches-Hitler-474x300he thief enters the store at 1:30 am Saturday, as he was making his demands Maen was watching from his office. That’s when he goes out and confronts the thug then starts to lead him out the door.

That’s when the dimwit sucker punches Maen. BUT it turns out Maen use to train with the Army Spec Ops unit and what happens next is reminiscent of Captain America landing a glorious right hook.


STUMBLE UPON: Viral cover of “Let it go”

Singer Alex Boyé and the One Voice Children’s Choir published a cover of “Let It Go” from the hit Disney film “Frozen” and it’s almost at 33 million views. The young singer Lexi Walker in the video is amazing and Alex Boyé adds a fresh touch to the hit song that just works! Check it out!

The One Voice Children’s Choir is
Directed by Masa Fukuda

Elsa (lead singer): Lexi Walker
Anna: Veda Mason
Hans: Daimion Davis
Kristoff: Isaac Cox
Sven: Chloe Barrus
Olaf: Jocelyn Bench
2nd soloist girl: Viviena Wolfgramme

Yahoo To Create YouTube Competitor?

Back in December you may have heard people on YouTube ranting about having video’s on their channels flagged and restricted due to increasing copyright standards, naturally creating an uproar. Well looks like one company’s mistake is anothers opportunity.

As it stands right now according to Alexa, YouTube is the number 3 site in the entire world, falling behind Google and Facebook. But Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer is throwing the gauntlet down and stepping up to the video service giant with the intention to create a YouTube competitor. Marissa Meyer used to work at Google so she’s no schlub by any means, she clearly knows what she’s up against.

Though not much is know right now Yahoo is trying to pull some of YouTube’s elite talent away by offering better economic incentives. As Yahoo prepares to go head-to-head with YouTube, this new would-be video service wouldn’t exactly open it’s flood gates to anyone looking to start a channel and start making money off of ad revenues. Looks like they want to lock in some exclusive content creators first, a-la the early years of Youtube and if the site takes off they’ll open it up to everyone.

Yahoo executives have told video-makers and owners that the company can offer them better economics than they’re getting on YouTube, either by improving ad revenue or by offering guaranteed ad rates for their videos, Recode’s report says. Yahoo has offered extensive marketing, even on its home page, as well as allowing video producers the ability to sell advertising along with Yahoo’s sales force.

The way I see is whether you were or weren’t affected by YouTube tightening it’s restrictions this is a good thing. More competition among giant cooperations the better it is for the end-users or consumers. I’m excited to see a company daring to compete in an industry that seems to be pretty much claimed by Google.

I hope Yahoo strikes a nerve with people and opens up more options for those like us, trying to make a name for ourselves and share our content with as many people who want it.

Here’s to competition! May the best service win!

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