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EPISODE 002 (SIDE A): “The Force Awakens” Blasphemous Review

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I’ve never read the comic books but I always thought that the Keanu Reeves movie was pretty good. But apparently it didn’t do good enough to bring in a sequel. Nevertheless NBC’s taking a crack at the HELLBLAZER comic book by giving it a television series and It looks really well done. Check out the first trailer for CONSTANTINE.

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Elder Scrolls Online PC Review

It is not hard to imagine that everyone who has played and enjoyed an Elder Scrolls game has at one point or another thought “wouldn’t this be great with friends?”

The Elder Scrolls Online has arrived and given an answer:  a definite yes!

But being one of the most expensive PC games out there, with a game purchase and a monthly subscription fee, the question becomes: is ESO worth it?

That answer depends on just what you’re looking for and expecting from it.  ESO is not groundbreaking in any obvious way.  It is a solid MMO, with smooth and enjoyable gameplay, an expansive and varied world and a ton of promise.  But what may matter more for its success are not people looking for the next WoW, but people looking for the next great Elder Scrolls game, and this is it.  ESO isn’t just an MMO with Tamriel plastered on top; it IS Elder Scrolls designed for multiplayer and feels like it from the moment the game first loads up.

The music of Elder Scrolls has always been a strong point, and ESO’s soundtrack does not disappoint.  While there is a lot to say about how good ESO is, the coolest thing just might be that the songs you can hear played by bards in the taverns ingame are composed by Malukah!  (Here‘s my personal favorite.  You can also hear an original song she made for the game by watching the credits from the login screen or checking out the video below.)

Character creation will be familiar to anyone who played Skyrim.  Unlike other Elder Scrolls games, ESO requires characters to choose a class, which gives three skill lines that are unavailable to characters of the other classes.  All other skill lines, such as weapon and armor types, are open to everyone, allowing creative builds and character concepts.

After the Oblivion/Skyrim style tutorial introduction (which can be skipped with subsequent characters) you’ll find yourself in one of three starting areas and the world wide open before you.  There’s a main story to follow.  It is interesting and very rewarding, but not strictly mandatory.  First you may find yourself wandering around town, snatching everything you can find from every barrel and crate or reading through every book in every house or even striking out into the wilderness to explore.  There is plenty to find and do all over the place.

Each of the three starting areas offers a different environment and experience.  The Aldmeri Dominion will feel the most “new” to longtime fans, offering a glimpse of the elven homeland of Summerset and the inner workings of the Thalmoor; the Ebonheart Pact, with Skyrim and Morrowind-esque landscapes, feels the most reminiscent.  The Daggerfall Covenant feels the most grounded in the alliance war.


There are twenty zones, not including the Imperial lands of Cyrodiil which serve as the PvP area (but also includes quests and places to discover and explore) and taken all together, ESO seems to be a little larger than Skyrim (though I have only had time to see the first two areas of each alliance so far and I am making this judgment based on those) though not quite as tightly packed.  However, more interesting than what is already on the map are the areas that are not ingame yet.  The heartlands of Summerset, Skyrim and Morrowind are not there yet to explore, leaving a lot of room for potentially great expansions, along with areas that have been at the top of Elder Scrolls fans’ wish lists like Elsweyr.

Questing and exploring is very enjoyable.  The graphics are high (if not quite hi-def Skyrim) quality and the environments are absolutely beautiful.  The setting and storyline are quite dark, with a main plot involving a daedric invasion of Tamriel.  Quests will occasionally present tough choices with real consequences.  The world is unexpectedly alive, with non-player characters that seem quite busy (if you don’t pay too much attention) and sometimes even have different greetings or reactions depending on completed quests or choices made.

Overall the story fits very well with the existing Elder Scrolls lore.  It is nice to see some familiar, if not so friendly, faces like Mannimarco.


The gameplay, a mix of action RPG and FPS, is good but not new.  Likewise, the PvP will feel familiar to Guild Wars players, with large scale battles for castles and keeps that offer a variety of roles for players, from support to running siege weapons, fighting on the frontlines or scouting territory under enemy control.  New or not, it is fun and very easy to hop right in (once you’ve unlocked Cyrodiil at level 10) and find a fight to join.

The crafting system is nearly identical to Skyrim, with some extras like the ability to add “traits” to equipment, such as increased stat ratings or faster attack speed, as well as magical enchantments.

As great as ESO seems so far, it is not without its shortcomings and problems.  The lower level areas are absolutely infested with farmer bots and goldsellers spamming chat.  There are bugs (but what would an Elder Scrolls game be without them?) including falling through the ground and quest triggers that just don’t work right.  Those seem (so far at least) to be very rare, however.  While the voice acting is well done, sometimes it can become tedious like having to hear a banker’s greeting every single time.

Though they have managed to include just about everything expected from an Elder Scrolls title, there are some things that are missing.  There is a Fighter and a Mage guild, but no Thief guild or Dark Brotherhood (assassin guild).  All weapon and armor type skill lines are available to all characters, but the same cannot be said for magic beyond Soul Trap.  The schools of magic from previous games are not included except as lore and most kinds of spells are part of the different class skill lines.


Some game design choices are not necessarily bad, but at least odd.  Joining guilds is account-based, not character, and you can be a member of up to five guilds at any one time, though you can have up to eight separate characters. Also, there is no game wide auction house, but rather a system of guild stores with a search function that leaves a lot to be desired.  Banking is also account wide, with all characters on an account sharing one bank with 60 slots by default.  That can be something of a convenience, but also a major limit on storage space, especially with the hundreds of different materials to collect and store for the various crafting skills.

The biggest problem at the moment is the crowds that always end up around public dungeon bosses.  While some areas are instanced specifically for you, (usually pleasantly challenging boss fights) the vast majority are open to anyone who happens to be around.  This can be nice for the spontaneous group-ups, but not so nice when you reach the boss and find a half dozen or so bots all standing around or the guy 20 levels above the area waiting for the respawn and having to compete against them for loot or quest/exploration credit.

But they are trying to deal with this and it must be said that the customer service is usually top notch (I had a real, live, American person on the phone with me at 5am on launch day when i couldn’t get the game to load) and having a GM show up in a dungeon to banhammer away all the bots is very satisfying.


In the end, to MMO players in general and diehard Elder Scrolls fans alike, I highly recommend checking out ESO.  It is a great chance to explore Tamriel like never before:  with friends!

(On a sidenote, if you are wondering if the special “Imperial” edition is worth the extra $20, having a horse available pretty much right away on every character is a major convenience, as the ones available with ingame currency are very expensive.)


The Japanese game company “Spike Chunsoft”  has announced that it’s searching for a game publisher to release Attack on Titan game for the 3Ds in North America. The Nintendo 3DS game launched in japan in 2013 and sold 93k copies in it’s debut week. The sales have exceeded 240k to date. I want this game so bad come on Chunsoft MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!


Game of Thrones S04E03 “Breaker of Chains” Review


“Breaker of Chains” starts right where “The Lion and The Rose” left off. With Joffrey’s strangled, slightly zombified frozen facial expression looking straight at the camera complete with coagulated bloody-snot running down his cheeks. Poor Tyrion stands holding the goblet looking guilty as can be while Cersei is yelling at the guards to arrest her brother. This is the first time I can remember Cersei loosing her steely cool demeanor in the series. I don’t think she lost her cool this bad when Tyrion shipped out her youngest daughters out to the Kingdom of Dorne. Her reaction was very surprising to me being that Joffrey was a douche even to her, but it seems that the proud incestiuous mother loves her diabolical sadistic son till the bitter end… literally.


Ser Dontos quickly comes to Sansa’s rescue just in time to get her out of dodge and into a small dinghy that was deliberately waiting for their escape out of the Capital just as Cersei and Tywin are ordering a complete lock down of the city as well as a BOLO on Sansa. Ser Dontos and Sansa leave the coast of Kings Landing and find themselves in the middle of a heavy foreshadowing fog, a-la Pirates of the Caribbean. Ser Dontos reaches a decent sized ship anchored in the midst of the fog and encourages Sansa to climb up the ladder.

As soon as Sansa reaches the top of the ship, Little Finger abruptly grabs her, helping her onboard, revealing himself to be behind the Kings assassination. In a sad moment Ser Dontos looking up at Little Finger asks for his end of the bargain, 10,000 gold pieces. Little Finger motions at 2 men who peek over board with crossbows aimed at Ser Dontos, in a sudden plea for his life Ser Dontos dies with 2 bolts, one to the chest another to the face.

Sansa naturally scared and sadden by what just happened, Little Finger manages to comfort Sansa by letting her in on the details. Ser Dontos saved her, because he ordered him to, Ser Dontos gain her trust, because Little Finger cooked up the right story about House Hollard and the heirloom necklace Sansa received. The necklace was a fake, the story was a lie and Ser Dontos was doing everything for a price at the bidding of Little Finger. He quickly asks Sansa as she stands shocked by the murder of Ser Dontos, “What did I tell you about Kings Landing?” in which she reply’s “We’re all liars here.” Great little scene, sad that Sir Dontos wasn’t as genuine as he seemed. I’m still not liking Sansa’s situation, Little Finger is a shifty bastard and I’m sure he’s got something in store for her.


After the death of Joffrey, Margaery and her mother Olenna discuss Margaery’s current status in the Kingdom. Is she the Queen or not? Olenna clarifies that she’s more of a Queen than she was with Renly and less of a Queen if Joffrey would’ve consummated the marriage before dying but given the current circumstances it’s probably not a good idea to press the issue. Margaery figures that she must be cursed, being that her first husband preferred the company of men and the second was happiest torturing animals (and people). Olenna reminds her that even though it was horrible witnessing the death of Joffrey it’s still not as horrible as it would’ve been having to remain married to him. Agreed. I love Oleena in these moments. Her experience and sharp wit makes her one of the most enjoyable and lovable characters in the series.

In a moody dark sept, Cersei, her son, now Joffrey’s successor, Tommen along with Tywin stand looking at Joffrey’s dead body laid upon an altar with fake googly eyes rested onto of his closed eye lids. Tywin starts to drill Tommen about what makes a good King? Tommen goes through the motions… Holiness? Just? Strength? Tommen eventually hits it with “Wisdom”. And Tywin goes into why Wisdom is the one trait that makes a Good King and explains how Joffrey was not a wise or a good king.Tommen doesn’t seem no where near as treacherous as Joffrey but we’ll see what happens to him once he gets put through the Political machine.

Tywin leaves the sept with Tommen crossing paths with Jaime. They leave and Jaime orders the septons to give Cersei a moment alone. As soon as the doors echo shut, Cersei goes into her accusations of Tyrion being behind the murder of Joffrey, Jaime clarifies that he’s not even sure of what is going on. Cersei demands Tyrion’s death Jaime stops to remind her that he’s their bother. Ok I have to admit, it’s hard for me to watch these two characters alone together, I follow up every one of there lines with “Eww”, “Gross” and “These people are fucking nasty.” lol. This scene was particularly hard to watch because Cersei says “Avenge our sons death.” … these people are well aware of there nastiness and embrace it to the umpteenth degree.

Anyways, after an charge of emotions leading Cersei into Jaimie’s arms and their first kiss since Jaime’s return, Cersei sobers up and pushes off of Jaime, he’s not having that. He gets all agro and curses the gods for loving a hatful woman… ugh how about hating the gods cuz you loving your sister. Cersei puts some what of a half hearted fight against Jaime, in which he quickly over powers her and starts to rip off all those regal layers of clothing. They hit the floor, she keeps telling Jaime, “No”, “it’s not right.” and he keeps repeating, “I don’t care.” So… he essentially rapes her, with her sort of kinda not wanting it. So gross.


Now back to my new 2 favorite characters in the show. The Hound and Arya. They’re off to the side of a small bridge watering their horses. A farmer walks by with his daughter in a horse drawn wagon and greets The Hound. The Hound in he’s usual anti-social ways tells the farmer what does he want. The Farmer iterates that this is his land. After a small spat with the farmer, Arya quickly cooks up a lie about The Hound being her father and how he fought and got injured during the war as her mother died in a barn fire. The Farmer wanted to know what house did The Hound fight for, Arya said House Tully. The Farmer quickly offered for them to stay the night and have dinner with them. Both The Hound and Arya give a “nice going” look to each other.

In a funny scene at the dinner table, The Hound and Arya are both frothing at the mouth looking at the Rabbit stew sitting in the pot while the Farmer is giving thanks to the 7 gods, one by one. by the 5th or so god The Hound mutters “is he going to go through all 7 of the fuckers?”. Arya quickly acts surprised and offended and bids the farmer to continue. As soon as it was over, The Hound snatches the pot and slops the stew into his bowl followed by Arya and they both slurp down the entire bowl like famished pigs. It was a welcomed light hearted scene which ends in the Farmer offering The Hound a job at the farm helping out and protecting it from raiders. He accepts.

Arya lays in the barn and is awakened by the scream of the farmers daughter. She runs out and finds the farmer laid out on the ground and the daughter by his side. The Hound is walking away from the scene with a purse of silver. Arya yells at him saying how good the Farmer was to them how the Hound said he wasn’t a thief. Eventually calling him the worst shit, the Hound turns around and tells her that he’s seen worse, he just see things for what they are, come winter both the Farmer and his daughter will be dead, the farmer is weak and incapable to defend himself. He ends his point by telling Arya “How many Starks to they have to behead before you figure that out?”. As much as I would’ve wanted The Hound to show a more human side by not going all raider on the farmer he makes his point brutally clear. And much to her dismay, I think Arya accepts it. It’s a short but awesome scene gives a little bit of levity but stays true to the characters and world which they live in.


Enter Ser Davos to Stannis Baratheon’s chamber. Stannis let’s Davos read a letter that’s lying on the table containing news of Joffrey’s death. Stannis tells Davos that after throwing a leech full of Robert Baratheons bastards son’s blood into the fire, he’s presented with an opportunity he cannot capitalize on since Davos let go Roberts bastard. Davos tells him he’s working on the situation but Stannis makes it clear that it’s too little and that he’s running out of time which means Davos is running out of time.

After leaving Stannis’s chamber Davos visits Stannis’s daughter, she’s a cute kid scolding Davos for being late to their reading session. After settling down she puts him to read and tells him the book is one of her favorite for it’s sword fights and pirates, she goes on to ask Davos if he was a pirate, he tells her he was a smuggler and that theres a big difference. After telling her a quick story he remembers something from his smuggling days that might very well be the solution to his problem with building an army for Stannis. He kisses the girl on the forehead and thanks her for helping him and puts her to write a letter to the Offices of the Iron Bank of Bravoos. I wished they elaborated a little more on this but this is as far as they went. Definitely an intriguing story development. Let’s see if Davos comes through for Stannis or does he have something else in mind.

After a relatively light orgy scene (as far as Game of Thrones orgies go) Tywin walks into the brothel bringing Prince Oberyn’s party to an end. After clearing the room Tywin and Oberyn start talking about Joffrey’s assassination. Oberyn admits to have studied poisons and says that the King was poisoned. Tywin asks Oberyn that he talked to Tyrion in private the day he arrived. Oberyn told Tywin that they spoke about the death of Oberyn’s sister. Oberyn accuses Tywin of giving the order to the Mountain to kill his sister. Tywin swears to have nothing to do with it. Oberyn seems to have believed him in which he says he wants to talk to the Mountain. Tywin capitalizing on the tragedy to gain Dorne as an ally asked Oberyn to serve as a judge on the trial of Joffrey’s assassins and to act as a principled advisor to the (new) king. Apparently content with the offer Oberyn agrees. Interesting but subtle twist. I thought Oberyn was going to be a bigger threat to Tywin but looks like he’s mainly just concerned with the Mountain. Something tells me Oberyn is only leading on.


Podrick visits Tyrion in his jail cell. Trying to smuggle in some outside comforts he manages to get, duck sausage, candles, quill and parchment by the guards. Pod gives Tyrion the bad news of the trial being held in a fortnight. Tyrion asked about Shae and Pod say’s that he’s heard nothing of her. Tyrion admits to that actually being a good thing. After trying to go through a list of possible people that would testify in Tyrion’s behalf all have been bribed against Tyrion or are ineligible to stand witness. He finds out Sansa has disappeared which leads him on to realize that whoever planned the Kings assassination wanted him to take the blame for it. Quickly trying to go through a line of possible people he doesn’t bring up Little Finger as a possibility and seems to think his father might be responsible.

Before leaving Pod admits to being offered a bribe to take the stand against Tyrion and testify that he bought a poison called the strangler. After finding out Pod didn’t accept the bribe, Tyrion demands he leaves Kings Landing because they’ll kill him for not taking the bribe, hesitant at first Pod agrees to leave after a quick but heart felt good bye. Love Podrick, one of those side character you quickly gravitate to for his well-rounded good heart. Hope this isn’t the last we see of him but if he stays around after turning down the offer I’m sure he’ll meet he’s demise sooner rather than later. RUN PODRICK! RUN!


So after moving the story forward we reach one of two action scenes this episode has to offer. We see some busy solitary tribe going about with their daily duties. A son and dad are walking talking about what they’re going to have for dinner when the dad suddenly drops dead after taking an arrow to the back of the head. The son turns around to see John Snows main squeeze Ygritte turning around with bow in hand and knifing another villager. The child’s mom orders the kid to hide which he does but not for long. The creepy bald headed viking guy snatches the kid and asks if he knows how to get to Castle Black. Kid nods yes, the creeper forces the kid to watch his parents get mutilated as he tells him that he’s going to eat his parents and to go to Castle Black and give the crows that message.

It was a sudden spark of violence but helped break up the monotony of slow story plots. The very next scene we see the kid next to John Snow, the over all sentiment among the Nights watch is to go and fight the Wildlings. John admits that it would be safer to stay. After they reluctantly accepted to stay an alarm is heard, rangers are returning from North of the Wall. After the rangers make it inside they explain what has happened. Karl of the Nights Watch lost his shit and lead a banned of mutineers to take Crasters House and his wives. John fears the worst and says out loud that they have to ride north and kill them all. John goes on to explain that he told Mance that there was 1,000 Nights Watchmen at Castle Black alone. Once the Wildlings find the mutineers, how long before they find out the truth. So now that the Nights Watch has to go out and put down the mutineers at Craster’s, I wonder if they would make it back before running into the Wildlings? I swear these episode need to be 2 hours long.


We finally catch up with the Khaleesi. She arrives at the wall of Meereen. A crowd has gathered to see the spectacle. Meereen sends a solitary Champion on horse back to challenge any warrior the Khaleesi has to answer the challenge. After a quick show of disrespect, the Meereen warrior whips out his junk and takes a leak while insulting the Khaleesi and her army. The newly casted Dario Naharis bids to fight for the Queen. She takes him up on the offer. The Meereen Champion gets into full gallop as Daenerys asks Dario if he wants a horse, he declines saying horses are dumber than men. Dario stands alone with the Meereen warrior closing in on him. Dario raises a long dagger, gives it a good luck kiss and flings it striking the horse in the eye, throwing both the warrior and the horse into a forward tumble, the warrior came to a stop at Darios feet, kicking up a cloud of desert dust. And in one fell swoop Dario beheads the Warrior grabbing the unwarranted attention of the Meereen spectators.

Daenerys gives her speech about how she has been to 2 or 3 different slave cities and now those former slaves stand with her out of their own free will. The slaves are moved by her words when she gives the order to ready catapults. The music picks up and the catapults are fired. These barrels go flying beyond the wall and crash on various towers and structures spilling out the collars of all the former slaves that now make up her free standing army. A slave is seen picking up one of these collars and looking at it bewildered, he turns around and see’s his master watching him nervously and that’s how this episode comes to a close.

It was a great way to end the episode but the whole thing felt short and unfulfilling. Mostly all small but crucial developments throughout the story’s characters but nothing severely substantial other than Khaleesi finally getting her say to the slaves of Meereen.

Now, as far as the Khaleesi’s speech… it’s a small issue but an issue I have nonetheless. Daenerys sounds terrible when she’s speaking other languages. She reminds me of Mila Jovovich from the 5th Element. She sounds like she’s speaking a fakey language and it comes across totally unnatural. But it’s a minor detail I can over look especially now that she has a grand army, 3 almost fully matured dragons and is a very real threat to those she opposes. Unlike the second episode which she was overly annoying, acting like a big shot when it was just her Jorah and her handmaiden.

When the barrels of collars were launched over the wall for a split second I thought she had put weapons in them for the slaves to revolt against their masters, now that would’ve been bad ass but sadly we’re not moving that fast. I hope to see how the slaves within the walls react now that they are given a choice.

STUMBLE UPON: Viral cover of “Let it go”

Singer Alex Boyé and the One Voice Children’s Choir published a cover of “Let It Go” from the hit Disney film “Frozen” and it’s almost at 33 million views. The young singer Lexi Walker in the video is amazing and Alex Boyé adds a fresh touch to the hit song that just works! Check it out!

The One Voice Children’s Choir is
Directed by Masa Fukuda

Elsa (lead singer): Lexi Walker
Anna: Veda Mason
Hans: Daimion Davis
Kristoff: Isaac Cox
Sven: Chloe Barrus
Olaf: Jocelyn Bench
2nd soloist girl: Viviena Wolfgramme

Game of Thrones S04E01 “Two Swords” Review

Here’s my review of “Two Swords”. I’m going to hit on the scenes that best stood out from each episode and try to go in detail in what happens in those scenes and how I feel about them.

Season 4 of Game of Thrones opens with a poetically powerful scene. Tywin Lannister, almost ceremoniously has Eddard Stark’s sword “Ice” melted down and reforged into 2 new swords. The entire scene had the heft of a funeral, it’s a grim reminder of what has happened to the Starks.


Tywin gives one of the two newly forged swords to Jaime Lannister who we finally see back in the familiar Kings Guard armor, sporting a short hair cut and gold casted right hand. After being amazed by the material and craftsmanship of the sword, Tywin informs Jaime that matter of factly, he will be leaving his duty in the Kings Guard to rule over Casterly Rock. Jaime makes it clear that his honor is pretty much irreparable and has no intentions on breaking the vow of serving in the Kings Guard for life. Tywin tries to make it painless and reasonable for Jaime to leave for Casterly Rock but still staunchly refuses to do so. After the tit for tat Jaime clarifies if he should take the new sword in which Tywin says “Take it, a one handed man with no family and no wife needs all the protection he can get.” Ouch!

Enter Prince Oberyn Martell, we first see this new character in Little Fingers brothel trying to select among a line-up of 3 prostitutes to sleep with him and his wife. After choosing, Oberyn sends the rest of the women out of the room telling the “Procurer” aka the Handler to stay, which he insists he’s not among the selection. Oberyn reminds him that anyone that works for Little Finger is among the selection. They have a heavy moment when all of the sudden Oberyn hears the singing of Lannister soldiers in a near by room. This is when Oberyn shows his bad ass side. He finds the room and slowly walks in passing his hand directly over a low standing candle, letting the flame bend around his hand. The soldiers are taken back by his intrusion. Clearly there’s a distain for Dornes and Lannisters. Oberyn excuses himself saying that he doesn’t see many Lannisters where he’s from, one of the soldiers replies saying he doesn’t see many Dornish men in the capital. Oberyn quick to respond, “We don’t like the smell.”. Enter Obreyn’s wife trying to pull him from the room, when the pudgier soldier see’s her says, why waste a woman like that on a Dornish man, just give him a shaved goat and a bottle of olive oil. The soldier immediately starts to laugh. Oberyn makes his way towards the laughing soldier saying “You now why all the world hates a Lannister?” “You think your gold and lions and Golden Lions make you better than everyone.” “may i tell you a secrete, you’re not a golden lion, you’re just a pink little man who’s too slow on the draw.” After a tense pause, the soldier reaches for his sword and Oberyn immediately lands on the soldiers wrist with his dagger, pinning it to table top. He warns the other soldier that his friend is going to bleed quite a bit due to the amount of veins in the wrist and he can either draw his sword or save his friends life by fetching help. Tyrion walks in asking forgiveness when Oberyn yanks out the knife, causing a small but thick eruption of bright blood, definitely one of the more memorable introductions to a character in the series so far.

Tyrion asks for a moment in private to talk with Prince Oberyn, here’s where some juicy tidbits of information are divulged.

Tyrion asked Oberyn why was he there. Oberyn gives the expected answer, that he was invited to the wedding. Tyrion looks at him and says I thought we were speaking truth. The mood changes. Oberyn says that the last time he was in the capital he was there for another wedding. His sister Elia’s wedding to Rhaegar Targaryen, the Last Dragon. It’s at that moment Tyrion swallows as 2 Kings Guards walk pass them. Oberyn paying no mind keeps going about his sister’s wedding. How she bore Rhaegar’s children and how she was so dedicated to raising there kids. Ultimately the noble Rhaegar Targaryen left Elia for another woman which ignited a war and that the war ended right here (Kings Landing), after Tywin took the city. Oberyn’s demeanor continues to darken. Tyrion tries to interject by saying he wasn’t present but before he can finish saying it Oberyn kept on speaking. Saying Elia’s children were butchered. That they were carved up and wrapped in Lannister cloaks. After a brief pause, he asks “and my sister. You know what they did to her?” Tyrion with his head bowed doesn’t reply, Oberyn brings his finger underneath Tyrion’s chin and moves his face up towards him and reinforces that he’s asking him a question. Tyrion moves Oberyn’s hand away saying that he’s heard rumors. Oberyn chuckles and goes on to say that rumor he’s heard is that his sister was raped by Gregor Clegane “The Mountain” and that he split her in half with his great sword.  Tyrion softly says, that he wasn’t there he doesn’t know what happened. Oberyn presses Tyrion and explains that if The Mountain killed Elia, then Tyrion’s father gave the order. Oberyn ends the conversation by saying to Tyrion, almost gleefully to tell Tywin that he’s here in the city and that the Lannisters aren’t the only ones that pay their debts. So now we know that Oberyn is the Uncle to Daenerys Targaryen, who he believes to have been killed off. As they say… the plot thickens.


Speaking of Daenerys, in a seemingly serene scene, Daenerys is petting her Dragon who she has purring like a kitten across her lap. The dragon looks spectacular. HBO doesn’t cut corners when it comes to these animals. Out in the distance you can see the other 2 dragons fighting over a lamb, they drop the carcass at Daenerys feet. The dragon she was petting turns it’s attention to the carcass and approaches it along with the other 2 dragons. For whatever reason, Daenerys moves or touches the dragon that moments ago was purring like a kitten when all of the sudden it terrifyingly turns to Daenerys with lightening speed and grows at her. She practically shits herself. After that the dragons fly off and Jorah Mormont approaches the mother of dragons to remind her that they are dragons and that they will never be tamed. A real duh moment on the part of Daenerys. Her rayne would’ve ended a-la Siegfried and Roy.


It’s in this episode that we see the newly casted Daario Naharis which in my opinion was a very big and drastic change. The actor to play Daario in the last season had a boyish, Fabio look to him. This new guy resembles a younger Bronn almost. Either way I’m hearing from people that read the books that the new actor is a better fit for the character. Be that as it may, it’s still very distracting and I had to inform my close circle of friends that watch the show about the change, almost none of them caught it.


Poor Tyrion seems to have gotten all the depressing scenes in this one. Sansa sits out in the garden where Shae is trying to get her to eat and due to her depressed state, Sansa is unable to bring her self to eating any food after hearing about the Red Wedding. Tyrion asks to talk to Sansa alone and encourages her to eat, Sansa goes into the disturbing details as to what they did with the bodies of her Brother and Mother. She eventually excuses herself to the Godswood because it’s the only place people will leave her alone. Sansa’s character has definitely changed through the last 3 seasons, she’s become more serious and mature. You can feel the anger that she’s been holding back in each scene. I fell like she’s going to be a force to reckon with once she come into her own.

Jaime finally has a moment alone (Gross) with Cersei after getting his gold casted prosthetic hand fitted on. Cersei couldn’t be more distant both in demeanor and in action. She barely looks at Jaime and when he gets close, she moves away. Essentially she tells Jaime he took too long, regardless of all the mess he had to go through to get back to Kings Landing, and simply put, every things changed. Leaving Jaime shocked as one of Cersei’s spies interrupts the moment by letting her know that she’s got some dirt on Tyrion… poor guy lol. I’m glad Jaime’s got a rude awakening. I feel his character has a real opportunity for redemption from all the wrong he’s done. And being that a lot of the reason why he’s been such a bad guy is because he’s been banging his sister. So hopefully this is the last nail in the old Jaime Lannister coffin.

So dare we go back beyond the wall, Ygritte sits putting the finishing touches on a crap ton of new arrows. Tormound walks up on her and gives her grief over deliberately not putting John Snow out of his misery. She puts on a tough face when one of the Wildlings whistles at Tormound to alert him that a small band of Thenns are coming. These guys are gross looking. They look like shaved Vikings covered in ceremonial scares that look more like permanent war paint. After catching up with the leader of the Thenns, he suggests to Tormound that he should really try “Crow” before he dies, no sooner that he says that, the camera lowers to reveal a human arm, skewered and placed over a fire pit. Yummy.

On the road to Meereen Jorah halts Daenerys army. Daenerys goes to see why everyone has stopped marching. Theres a mile marker on the road with a dead slave-child pointing towards the direction of Meereen. Daenerys orders the men to burry the slave-child and remove the child’s collar. She vows to see the face of every single slave hung on the mile markers towards Meereen.

Here’s my problem with Daenerys, she has a lot of annoying moments that I don’t care for and then she has amazing moments like this that make up for all those annoying moments. I can’t wait to see what happens when she marches into Meereen “with an army of former slaves” as she puts it.


The episode ends with a bang. The Hound and Arya are on horse back. They come across a tavern or a Inn on the side of the road. There’s 5 of Lannisters men inside. The Hound is wary about engaging the men. Arya notices one of the guys is Polliver, the guy who killed Arya’s friend “Lommy” with her sword needle. You can see a hint revenge in Arya’s face, she then takes off towards the Tavern, the Hound goes chasing. By the time he catches her they’re at the footstep of the entrance and they’re noticed by one of the men. Awkwardly the Hound walks in with Arya. He sits down and Polliver notices them, there’s a scare when Polliver notices Arya but it turns out it’s the Hound he recognizes. Polliver goes over to chat with the Hound, after throwing around what they could do now that the king’s won the war and they can practically do whatever they want the Hound get’s tired of him running his mouth and stops him with “Fuck the King.” And then the Hound follows up with telling Polliver to get him a chicken. Polliver refuses to pay for it. The Hound finishes his Ale and then responds with some of the best lines in show.

The Hound

“You’re a talker. Listening to Talkers makes me thirsty.”

(Reaches over and picks up Polliver’s cup and drinks it all down)

“And hungry. I think I’ll take two chickens.”


“You don’t seem to understand the situation.”

The Hound

“I understand that if any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth I’m going to have to eat every chicken in this room.”

And with that, the Hound sends the table flying and gets busy killing these guys. Not without assistance from Arya who sees an opportunity to jump in on the action when one of the 5 men falls to the floor grunting after getting stabbed in the genitals. She walks over to him, takes his sword and slowly drives it into his chest. Slowly out of inexperience not out of malice. Then with the sword she took from her first kill she sneaks up on Polliver fillets both calves, he falls to his knees and that is when Arya grabs needle out of his belt. Polliver now on his back, Arya’s walks up to him repeating the same words, Polliver said to her friend Lommy. And with that, she drives Needle right under his chin straight through and pulls all the way out, letting the blood flow freely and Polliver meets his demise with a few heavy gargles of blood. Very gruesome but very satisfying for Arya’s character. The scene quickly cuts to the Hound eating his well deserved chicken and Arya riding behind him on her own horse. Guess she earned the Hounds trust after their first bar brawl.

Great cap to the first episode. The show is off to a great start and I can’t wait for next sunday.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teaser

So Paramount and Nickelodeon has finally released the first teaser for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Hmmm…. I’m going to hold back judgment for a proper trailer. But I will say this, the Ninja Turtles look better than I expected. Other than that the film is directed by  who isn’t terrible but isn’t all that great either so I hope he’s stepped up his directing game since the headache inducing Wrath of the Titans. Check out the trailer below!

Credited cast

Hercules Trailer is here!

Right when Radical Comics started Hercules was one of there first titles out. I still have my copies and remember enjoying reading them but thankfully it’s been so long that I’ve read them that I don’t recall main plot points other than Hercules is more of a nomad/bounty hunter type with his band of misfits. The movie definitely has a feel reminiscent of old school “Conan The Barbarian”. Anyway i’m stoked for the movie and can’t wait to see it this summer! Check out the trailer below!


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