Tickle Your Pickle: Assassin’s Creed Vs Prince of Persia

This Week’s selection of ╬D Recommendation is an epic action packed animation video by Suwedi Animation starring AC’s Altair and POP’s Prince.

I stumbled upon this video while scrolling through the internet displaying a great display of Hand to Hand Combat by pitting Assassin’s Creed’s Altair and Prince of Persia’s Prince.

The animation is done by great and talented animator
Alain Ndoumbe Nkotto who has been working professionally in the video game industry for ten years plus now and should be taken very seriously. You can check out his website by clicking the link right HERE and for anymore additional information you can contact Alain via email here: suwedi1@gmail.com 

Well without further ado, the video….

-Brian Lansangan
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