Weekly Pull-List 8/22/12

Greetings, Marvel maniacs and DC dedicates, to the TD Weekly Pull List!  Today we will be keeping up the celebration of half a century of Spidey, checking in on everyone’s (least) favorite Phoenix Force hosts and then picking up a few books featuring Frank Castle, the Punisher!

Amazing Spider-Man #692: We continue celebrating 50 years of the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man saving the day in a special oversized issue!

Uncanny X-Men #17:  Magneto’s leading a squad to rescue the (-not even close to-) all powerful “Phoenix Five” from the clutches of Mr. Sinister and his army of clones.  Will Cyclops ever live that one down?  We’ve got to survive Sinister’s scheme to find out!

The Punisher #14:  Frank’s got himself a pretty protege named Cole, and she just happens to be a kickass Marine with a grudge and a score to settle much like his own.

UNTOLD TALES OF THE PUNISHER MAX #3 (Warning- Explicit): This issue crime novelist and Edgar Award winner Megan Abbott (author of Queenpin and The End of Everything) takes the writing reins as this series of single shot stories of Punishment continues.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #4:  It’s Deadpool vs. the guy who killed the Marvel Universe first, Punisher!

The third issue of Batman, Inc. finally sees release after its month-long delay following the events in Aurora, Colorado. This issue revives Bruce Wayne’s other alter ego, Matches Malone, as he continues to dig deeper into Leviathan’s plot. 
Last week was the first issue of Rorschach, and this week is the first issue of Dr. Manhattan, by J. Michael Straczynski and Adam Hughes. Straczynski has been hit and miss with his Nite Owl mini-series, so hopefully he can deliver a solid book all the way through with Dr. Manhattan. At the very least we know Dr. Manhattan will be a pretty title with Hughes’ beautiful pencils.

Ever since Jeff Lemire took over writing Justice League Dark, the series has been amazing. The team’s interaction is always entertaining, and the series’ plot, which has introduced a much scarier version of Felix Faus, has been engaging. If you haven’t yet bought into Justice League Dark, run out and pick up issues #9-11 and this week’s #12

-Brian Lansangan

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-Kevin Tenorio
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