FanFilm Corner: “Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin”

DeathstrokeWhile circling around the internet doing work… I came upon this incredible jewel…. a fan film done by the awesome guys known as Chris and Larry White…… Check out below “Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin”, The latest addition to our “Stumble Upon” set.



Taking place prior to the events in “Batman: Arkham Origins”…
A bounty is placed on Batman by crime lord Black Mask,
drawing eight of the world’s greatest assassins to Gotham City on Christmas Eve…
The most formidable of which is Deathstroke, who provides a bloody and violent demonstration of his skills
for Black Mask.



Directed By
Chris White & Larry White

Music By
Maria Rubel

Full Cast & Credits:…

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