Templar Recommendation: “Bee and PuppyCat”

99df041c0e7a3249495dbcb7d160e48aTemplar Recommendation is back and with this Awesome and Funny cartoon about a girl and her……cat…no….dog….well…..PuppyCat. Check Out the latest Addition of  Templar Recommendation: “Bee and PuppyCat”.






“Bee and PuppyCat” is an original webseries created by Natasha Allegri and produced by Frederator Studios.

It follows the lives of Bee, a directionless twenty-something woman, and PuppyCat a mysterious creature that, literally, falls into her life one day. Together they work intergalactic temp jobs to pay the rent.



The short but Future 9 episode series thanks to the people and fans from Kickstarter was brough to my attention by my awesome Girlfriend who brought a Stuff Animal of Puppcat to my house….when I ask what was it, she got on my computer and typed “Bee and PuppyCat”. it was only One Episode (because at the moment…there is only One Episode”) but it was Epic and I mean truly deserves a watch. “Bee and Puppycat” is a series by Natasha Allergri.

I was already a Huge Fan of Natasha Allegri thanks to her amazing art and her work on Adventure Time, where she created the female version of Finn, Fionna – the most cosplayable character of the past five years. Now, I’ve been given another reason why her work’s amazing in the form of “Bee and PuppyCat“,

The show is written and directed by Allegri, and it’s an incredible showcase of her fun designs. I seriously want those turtle-themed motivational posters for myself. There are currently only two shorts on Cartoon Hangover, but positive fan response could take it to a full-on series.

Episode 0 of “Bee and PuppyCat”:

INTERVIEW with Creator Natasha Allegri:










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