Fan Film Corner: "Sleeping Dogs" (live action)

Pwnisher’s take on the upcoming video game “Sleeping Dogs” and is this week’s selection of Fan Film Corner.
LOWDOWN: A Live Action Take on the video game “Sleeping Dogs” made by Pwnisher who brought us “Cardboard Warfare” and “Killzone: Extraction”

This Movie is perfectly made….just to put it simple…LESS TALK MORE ACTION. The only segment of dialogue is at the beginning and from there it swings into overdrive with intense action and fantastic martial arts. The only thing missing I believe in this film was Donnie Yen or Tony Jaa. Pwnisher does it again. I haven’t got the chance to play the game yet but when I do, I hope the game is as entertaining and mind blowing as this film was.

5 templar crosses out of 5



Sleeping Dogs is an open world crime drama video game, developed by United Front Games in conjunction with Square Enix London Studiosand published by Square Enix (Namco Bandai Games for Australia), released on August 14, 2012 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong and focuses on an undercover operation to infiltrate the Triads.

Mad KUDOS to EMC monkeys who did the fight choreography and coordination, check out their youtube channel by clicking the link below.

-Brian Lansangan
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