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Scarlet Witch by AStevens PhotographyCheck Out our latest Cosplay Bombshell as we sit down and interview cosplayer Holly Gloha!!!


Recently we were very lucky enough to sit down and chat with the amazing and beautiful Holly Gloha , Check out our interview with her below as we chat about her Life as a cosplayer and how she got started in the cosplay world. Also check out our Photo Gallery of Holly’s amazing cosplay below. ENJOY!!!



TD: Well first of all, Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to sit down and talk to you. Before we Start, tell us a little bit about the real person behind the cosplayer… tell us about yourself?

HG: Thank you so very much for this opportunity! As a cosplayer I adore any and all attention (we all do), but I have so much admiration and respect for any forum that portrays us in the positive light we deserve, and not in a negative aspect. I’ve been a cosplayer for about seven years now, and am still Learning New Things. I do adore that this hobby of mine is fulfilling and still challenging, even after all these years! I learned the basics of sewing at a sewing seminar, and then picked up tips and techniques from cosplayers who were generous with their hard earned experience accomplishments. Because of their kindness and generosity, I do employ a Pay It Forward perspective: my Facebook links to all the patterns I used, the tutorials I referenced and credits all the photographers that took my pictures. My DeviantArt account has a more detailed Construction Notes category, so that anyone creating the same (or similar) costume and learn how I did what I did. I love the cosplay community, everyone I have met in person or on an internet capacity has been sweet, funny and so supportive of this hobby~they truly are my Cosplay Family!

TD: What first got you into making cosplay?

HG: Truthfully, I stumbled into it! I used to collect the Sailor Moon resin kits you would find on eBay. My personal favorite was Sailor Saturn, I loved her color scheme and she seemed to have the best poses! I went bonkers over her Musical Sailor Saturn look and had to make the costume for Halloween. There were a group of Austin Sailor Moon cosplayers who invited me out to a convention with them. Once I was there, I was immediately hooked! There were gorgeous costumes, voice over talent, amazing artists and a fun feel to the event! I learned to sew, and starting bulking up my To Cosplay list so that I could attend more conventions and become part of the community.

TD: Who is a cosplayer who you admire?

HG: If I truly had to name who is on my Admiration List, I’d have to say:
• Riddle: I fell in love with her talent and her heart. While most cosplayers were working hard on self promotion and ensuring that they snag up the most amazing photographs from talented photographers, Riddle spent her time using cosplay for charity purposes. That, to me, made her stand out like a star because she was incredibly talented, but incredibly giving. She sold prints solely to give the money to charitable causes and even started the Cosplay for a Cause calendar, where she enrolled the More Reknown Cosplayers to be part of her giving nature.
• God Save the Queen Fashions: She makes some of the most jawdropping costumes I have ever seen! I cannot view her Facebook page and not be inspired! She works with different fabrics, different techniques and always employs a high standard. She inspires me to push myself as a seamstress, to finish my seams and learn new techniques. Plus, she openly shares her tips and talents! I truly fainted a bit inside when she complimented my Weiss Schnee costume at Anime Matsuri 2014, I was so honored and proud at that moment. She truly does inspire me, and I hope that every time her and I meet, that my costumes are almost as professional as hers.

TD: What was the first convention you Attended?

HG: The first convention I attended was Ikkicon in Austin…..I think it was Ikkicon 1.5 or Ikkicon 2. At the time it was a small convention, in a Double Tree hotel. You could easily walk the entire floor area in 5 minutes, but see so much talent and potential! Now, Ikkicon is hosted in a Hilton hotel and needs MANY rooms to accommodate all the talent and attendees!

TD: What was the most memorable part of that convention?

HG: I would have to say, how open and friendly everyone was! When I was to meet with the Sailor Moon group, I was dressed as Luna in her human form, and so many people recognized the character! I could easily approach anyone and compliment them on their costume, and they would be so happy and inviting for conversation. I found it truly welcoming, since at the time I was new to the convention experience, and bit overwhelmed and intimidated.
TD: What is the costume you saw that inspired you to start making costumes?

HG: I truly can’t remember! D: I filled up my To Cosplay list and would look over each and every gorgeous costume, hoping to one day have the sewing talents to create such things! A good example is my Nene Thomas Red Hearts Fairy costume-I saw the shirt years ago at Hot Topic and bought it because I thought the design was just stunning! It wasn’t until two or three years later that I finally created the outfit, because I could do some of the more intense detailing on it. All of my costumes excite me and inspire me to continue, truthfully.
TD: Do you make your own cosplay costumes, if so, which ones, and how long does an average costume take to make?

HG: I do make my own costumes, and they are all a labor of love. The complexity of the costume really determines how much time I can dedicate to each outfit. (Plus I work and go to school, so my time has to be closely managed). My Rarity was based off of the Gone With the Wind barbecue dress and took about two or three months, whereas my Belly Dancer Scarlet Witch barely took a month.

TD: What is your favorite character to cosplay?

HG: All of them! I know it’s a Miss America thing to say, but it truly is true! I guess to determine who I will wear to a convention is determined on how I feel at that time. I usually bring a few costumes with me, so if I’m not feeling sexy enough to cosplay Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, I can easily change into Madame Red, or if I’m too clumsy to be Kirakshou from Rozen Maiden, I can switch to Alisa from Tekken.

TD: If all the characters you have cosplayed were to be in a All Out Battle Royale…who would and why?

HG: Definitely Scarlet Witch. Belly dancer costume or not, she is INCREDIBLY powerful. Anybody with enough power to decimate the entire Marvel Universe with just three words would have no problem whatsoever against Blair the Cat, Kasumi from Dead or Alive or even Princess Celestia from My Little Pony. At least in the belly dancer outfit, Scarlet Witch would look amazing winning the competition.

TD: Who or What is your biggest inspiration in your work and personal support?

HG: The cosplay community itself! I’ve seen people start off as Beginners, then a year or so later, they’re on stage in the Cosplay Competition in something truly magnificent because they kept working at it! I’m always awed and inspired by my Cosplay Family, and it makes me happy when I post an costume update and get words of encouragement from them! Everyone is so truly supportive and willing to give a helping hand if you ask, I’m also always glad to do the same for them!

TD: If you could take a time machine back to the younger you, what would you tell them about their future?

HG: Keep a kind heart; you truly are capable of so many wonderful things, both artistically and professionally! There will be moments when things hurt, but you will overcome them and develop into someone who stays sweet, funny and a bit pixie. Also, wear gel inserts in your cosplay shoes, your toes will thank you.

TD: In your opinion, what are the main differences between a private photoshoot and a convention photoshoot?

HG: With a private photoshoot, you have a bit more time to work on posing~especially if you need a minute or two to warm up and start showing off. Convention photoshoots only last about five minutes (on average), so you have to be able to crank out those poses. Both are intensive, both require work and both are a lot of fun.

TD: Do you particularly prefer one of them?

HG: I like both, truthfully! With convention photoshoots, it’s a chance to meet seasoned or up and coming photographers. I love seeing how I look from different photographer’s perspectives, and a lot of my photographer friends were met that way! With professional photoshoots, you get a chance to develop a one on one rapport with the photographer~to talk about what types of outcomes are hoped for, and how you can work together to create something amazing.

TD: Any advice you would love to give to any up and coming or first timer cosplayer?

HG: Don’t ever give up! If you’re starting out now, you’re incredibly blessed~sewing, crafting and wig tutorials are more prevalent on the internet now than they were seven years ago. Network, meet cosplayers and don’t be afraid to ask them how they created their costumes, they’ll be willing to share! And always, always, always…..make sure you’re doing it out of love and for the fun of it!

TD: Any other future projects and conventions you have planned coming up?

HG: Right now I’m working on a new version of Celestia from My Little Pony! My first version fell so short of my expectations, due to financial and time constraints. This time, I accept no excuses~I’m doing it to standard and I’m hoping it comes out as beautiful in true life as it is in my mind’s eye. After that, just keep knocking out my Wish List one costume at a time! I have so many characters I want to bring to life….I just need lots of time and money.

TD: Other then your facebook page, How can any of your fans get in contact or follow you ?

HG: I have a HollyGloha Cosplay Facebook page, which I recommend! In the Albums section, you can click on a Cosplay I made and in the comments find the patterns, tutorials and items purchased I referenced to create my cosplay! These all have links to what I used, so you can see the exact pattern I used, get directed to the exact tutorial I found or the exact shopping site I purchased my accessory! My DeviantArt is and on that page, all the costumes have three paragraphs dedicated to them: 1. Why I picked the character I did. 2. How, exactly I created my cosplay and 3. Final impressions and What I Could Have Done better. I also have a account under Gloha_h, and ACP account under Holly Gloha, and a Cospix under Holly Gloha. Plus, Google can help you find me. I try to stay Easy to Find.

TD: If you can say anything to your fans, friends, family and cosplayers…what would it be?

HG: XOXO to you all for your support and encouragement! I adore watching you all develop into amazing artists as you continue your hobby and I’m flattered and honored to be a part of this community! Through the good and the bad of Cosplay, I’m happy to be a part of it!




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