"Eyes Wide Open" Comic Review: "Batman: Earth One"

For our First selection in our “Eyes Wide Open” Comic Reviews we review the highly anticipated graphic novel titled: “Batman: Earth One”.

A New Segment that we’ll be starting is our reviews on Comics called ╬D presents: “Eyes Wide Open” Comic Review. Similar to our Movies Counterpart, “On the Go” Movie Reviews. we will be reviewing comics in the same matter with the up most respect and open minded opinons as we do for movies, tv or anything pop culture alike. So without further ado, our first Comic Review: “Batman: Earth One”.


From GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK, the acclaimed team behind SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN and the SHAZAM! stories in JUSTICE LEAGUE! • In the tradition of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, this spectacular original graphic novel gives new insight into BRUCE WAYNE’S transformation into BATMAN and his first year as THE DARK KNIGHT.


The one downside about this new twist to the origin is that alot of the elements to Batman such as the Bond-esque gadgets, the globe spanning training montage where Bruce acquires all of his incredible skills are dropped unfortunately.

This Batman-Earth One is just that. A man who dresses up as a bat, and is shown to be more Human then illustrated in past Batman stories giving it a more Realistic View. Bruce Wayne never leaves Gotham to train around the world instead is trained by Alfred Pennyworth, a bodyguard hired by Thomas, who is a former Royal Marine who becomes sudden guardian to reluctant father to Bruce Wayne.

The Chemistry between Bruce and Alfred is more personal to my opinion due to Alfred never met Bruce until the night of Thomas and Martha’s murder. And Alfred is suddenly the legal guardian to Bruce and takes him under his wing and trains him for his journey for revenge.

Earth One takes a more humble and character driven look into Bruce Wayne than we’ve had in some time, if indeed ever. We see Bruce through a series of ‘now’ and ‘then’ flashbacks with Bruce growing up with Harvey Dent who bullied Bruce and Harvey’s Twin Sister and it’s amazing to witness to see it done in a way that’s very human and realistic.
Also, Batman has no white eyes when he wears the cowl, You can now see Bruce’s Eyes giving it a more realistic view of Batman instead of having it all white and blank.

All of the cast are well rounded as they’re re-established, and their motivations are quickly displayed. The supporting cast, particularly a broken Jim Gordon who has all but given up against the corruption and tyranny of Gotham City and an untainted and skinny Harvey Bullock who is a former LAPD detective and Police Reality TV star are genuinely refreshing in their new, more realistic appearance.

Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin) emrges as a palpable bastard, a genuine human evil far worse than he’s ever come off in the comics. Even Gotham city itself is a much a character reminiscent of the old New York City of 70’s.

Earth One still emerges original and interesting, doing something not entirely new with the mythos, but new enough to warrant it’s existence. It’s a page turner, but this book is also on a page economy and sadly has only so much time to get the story told but still worthy of a buy and deserves a Read.

This Graphic Novel is incredible, I loved it from bookend to bookend and it did not disappoint. It could have worked a little better as a mini-series story arc but still a fantastic job nevertheless.

Super Kudo points to both Geoff Johns and Gary Frank for this new modern take on the infamous caped crusader with a great new origin story and outlook on Batman’s first year as The Dark Knight and especially making Alfred looking even more bad ass then I can ever imagine.
Even though this is amazing… “Batman: Year One” will always be the best origin story of Batman to date and can never be replace.

I with a doubt know there will be a sequel. It deserves it….because its Batman…

5 templar crosses out of 5


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