╬D Recommendation: “Spoiler”

While hanging out at Starbucks, I found a short film titled “Spoiler” and it is Amazing. The 17 minute short film is this week’s selection for ╬D Recommendation.

With AMC’s The Walking Dead enjoying widespread popularity, zombies have never been on the collective unconsciousness’ mind more than they are right now. The shuffling dead capture our imagination because they can serve as an effective symbolic vessel for a host of our fears, ranging from death to dementia to being eaten alive. That very effectiveness is sometimes the zombie genre’s biggest pitfall, because the genre has been so thoroughly mined, it takes some real thought and creativity to find a new “spin” on the zombie mythos that hasn’t already been done.

Spoiler, a 17-minute short film, has found one of those spins. Spoiler takes place after a zombie outbreak, but it’s a more optimistic vision than most. Mankind has survived and is doing its best to get back to normal…but the virus is still out there. How would our society have to adapt to an ever-present threat could catch fire at any moment and plunge us back into chaos and death? With top-notch production and performances, Spoiler shows us the events of one night in this new world, when Los Angeles coroner Tommy Rossman is called to the scene to declare the inhabitants of an apartment dead…even though they’re still alive and kicking.

Spoiler from spoiler movie on Vimeo.


-Brian Lansangan
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