Fan Film Corner: "Batman: The Last Laugh"

Welcome back to Fan Film Corner, This Week’s Fan Film is titled: “Batman: The Last Laugh” and is based on the DC Comic’s Batman and other characters.

The Lowdown: Batman: The Last Laugh is a high intensity, action packed fan film that was created in the partnership of ENSO Productions and Gotham City FX. See how The Joker and Batman go head to head in this fan film like no other.

Review: I liked the filmography and the lighting. I think the fight scenes are amazing. Batman’s suit looked really good. It looked alot like the one used in Dark Knight. The Joker’s make-up looks good too. This is one of the best Batman fan films I seen, despite the lack of dialogue. It ‘s a great effort

Overall: Great Film, Action was really entertaining, but the flips were “TOO” over the top. The twist in the end was kinda predictable but still good. Good acting especially on The Joker’s part. Great Effort, and worth watching if your a Batman fan. Loved it for the fact that it was shot locally near my area in Orlando, Florida and madd KUDOS to ENSO Productions.

†††  3 templar crosses out of 5

Pretty Good Action and Deserves a Watch


Credits: and

-Brian Lansangan
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