Character Spotlight: Wolverine

A long-lived mutant with the rage of a beast and the soul of a samurai, James “Logan” Howlett’s past is filled with blood, war, and betrayal. Possessing an accelerated healing factor, enhanced senses, and bone claws that along with his skeleton are coated in adamantium, Wolverine is the ultimate weapon.

REAL NAME: James Howlett
OCCUPATION: Master samurai Warrior Headmaster, adventurer, instructor; formerly bartender, bouncer, spy, government operative, mercenary, criminal, soldier, sailor, miner
BIRTHPLACE: Alberta, Canada
BASE OF OPERATIONS: Westchester County, New York
WEIGHT: 195 lbs. (Without Adamantium skeleton) , 300 lbs. (with Adamantium skeleton)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
EDUCATION: Privately tutored as a child
KNOWN RELATIVES: Unidentified grandfather (deceased), John Howlett Sr. (father, deceased), Elizabeth Howlett (mother, deceased), John Howlett Jr. (brother, deceased), Viper (Madame Hydra, ex-wife), Amiko Kobayashi (foster daughter), Erista (son), Laura Kinney (X-23, clone), Daken (son), Itsu (wife, deceased)
FIRST APPEARANCE: Incredible Hulk #180 (1974)

Wolverine, aka Logan, was born in the late 19th century with the name James Howlett. His parents were respectable and well to do. During a break in by the ex-groundskeeper Thomas Logan and his son Dog, James saw the groundskeeper kill his father in an attempt to get his ex-love back, James’ mother. In turn, James’ mutant gene activated and his bone claws came out. He attacked and killed Thomas Logan and wounded Dog. His mother killed herself shortly afterwards.

James ran away with his longtime friend Rose, and the murders were placed falsely upon James. They escaped to British Columbia and lived there for some time, James taking the name, “Logan” to hide his identity. Unfortunately, Dog tracked them down and attacked Logan hoping to kill him. Logan defeated Dog, but in the process, accidentally killed his love, Rose. Logan ran into the wilderness and lived with the wolves for some time.

During the next hundred years, Logan wandered the countryside. He met Captain America during WW2 fighting with the Canadian army. He is thought to have been a samurai and a covert operative. Then, much later, he joined Weapon X, a project that worked to create a superhuman being. During this time, Wolverine had his bones grafted with Adamantium and had memories implanted, making much of his history unknown whether it is true or not.

He was sent to stop The Incredible Hulk, who was rampaging in the Canadian wilderness. It was then that he was approached by Proffessor Charles Xavier, head of the School for Gifted Youngsters and leader of The X-Men. Professor X was recruiting for a new team and Wolverine agreed to go with the Professor.

Wolverine has since become a major part of the X-Men team and has been a leader on more than one occasion. One of the main reasons for his staying was that he fell in love for Jean Grey, even though she married fellow X-Man Cyclops. Despite all of this, Wolverine continues to serve the X-Men as a leader and teacher to the younger generation.


Wolverine has many animal like powers attributed to his mutant gene. His senses are extremely heightened, making him able to track by smell alone and detect nearby enemies. He also has bone claws that can pop out through the skin of his knuckles and are razor sharp weapons.
One of the things that allow Wolverine to do the things he does is his superhuman healing factor. Cuts, bullet wounds, broken bones and much more can be healed in a matter of minutes, if not seconds to heal him from most any injury. A side effect of this healing factor is that drugs have little affect on him (including alcohol) and that he has an unnaturally long lifespan.
When Wolverine joined the Weapon X program, an indestructible metal known as Adamantium was grafted to his skeletal structure, making his claws able to cut through just about anything and also making him even more resistant to damage.
Wolverine is also a master of many martial arts, including ninjitsu. When in times of great stress and anger, Wolverine can revert to a more animalistic stage and can go into a, “berserker rage,” not caring if he lives or dies, but unrelenting in his attacks.In contrast to his brutish nature, Wolverine is extremely knowledgeable. Due to his increased lifespan, he has traveled around the world and amassed extensive knowledge of foreign languages and cultures. He is fluent in English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Cheyenne, Spanish, Arabic, and Lakota; he also has some knowledge of French, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, German, Italian,Portuguese, Korean, Hindi, and Persian.With these powers, Wolverine is one of the most dangerous mutants alive.

Wolverine has made many enemies over the years, but has made alot of allies. Among those allies, he remains close more then anyone include: Nightclawer, Colossus, Captain America, Luke Cage, Fantomex, Spiderman and Deadpool. Wolverine is frequently depicted as a gruff loner, often taking leave from the X-Men to deal with personal issues or problems. He is often irreverent and rebellious towards authority figures, though he is a reliable ally and capable leader. He has been a mentor and father figure to several younger women, especially Jubilee, Rogue, Kitty Pryde and X-23, and has had romantic relationships with numerous women (most notably Mariko Yashida, as well as a mutual, but unfulfilled attraction to Jean Grey, leading to jealous run-ins with her boyfriend (and later husband), Scott Summers. He also married Viper as part of a debt, and then later divorced her.When Squirrel Girl is hired as a nanny for the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Wolverine reveals that he and Squirrel Girl had a relationship at some point in the past, and she uses his given name, James, indicating she knew him at some point when he was aware of his birth name. According to Wolverine, the relationship ended with the two agreeing never to see each other again, but Squirrel Girl stated she hopes they “can be professional” during her tenure as nanny. He is most often depicted as a member of the X-Men, Alpha Flight, or later the Avengers.


Wolverine has been around for many years and has pissed off alot of people either by himself or with the X-men or Avengers and have built up quite a long list of enemies

Magneto- Once friends when Magneto was at Xavier’s Institute, after Wolverine tried to kill him, Magneto lost all sympathy for him. But, Magneto, with his mutant power to manipulate magnetic forces, proves to be a very deadly foe, as evident when he forcefully removed the adamantium that was bonded to Wolverine’s skeleton through his pores.

Daken- who is also Wolverine’s son and blames Wolverine for his mother’s death, Sabretooth- Both were experiments in the Weapon X program and it is hinted that Sabretooth knows much of Wolverine’s past in the program.

Omega Red- Wolverine first encountered Omega Red while working for the CIA. Omega Red is a Russian mutant supersoldier with carbonadium tendrils that emerge from his wrist and he also secretes a pheromone that drains the life out of his victims. He uses his tendrils as a conduit for the pheromone.

Cyber- Part man, part mutant, part machine, Cyber was one of the very rare enemies whom Wolverine feared. Cyber has even snapped off one set of Wolverine’s bone claws. But Cyber was tested by the Dark Riders (actually, they were testing his adamantium skin). Genesis released mutant Death Watch Beetles upon Cyber, and they ate away Cyber’s flesh, leaving behind his adamantium skin which Genesis tries to bond into Wolverine’s bones.

Lady Deathstrike- Daughter of the man who created the adamantium bonding process which culminated in Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton. Led to believe Wolverine was involved in stealing the process, Yuriko, in her thirst for revenge, had her body altered into a cyborg, thus giving her the ability to fight Wolverine at an equal playing field. At a confrontation she discovered that he no longer had the adamantium, and she stopped the fight, seeing that there was no honor in killing someone that was not equipped to fight her (in another words, Wolverine was adamantium-less).

Silver Samurai- Silver Samurai is a very skilled Japanese warrior who has clashed several times against Wolverine in his never-ending quest to restore his family’s honor. He accomplished this in a trade off with Wolverine: in exchange for the Honor sword in Wolverine’s possession, he agreed to provide for the welfare of Wolverine’s adopted daughter, Amiko.

TEMPLAR NOTE: Wolverine was my clear and present reason on why I loved and read Marvel Comics and the X-Men. Even after I dropped Marvel mostly now for DC Comics, I still catch myself buying and reading comics that involve Wolverine such as X-Force, and Deadpool (future character spotlight) comics. I also loved Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of the battle ridden and struggled life of Wolverine in all 3 X-Men movies and X-men Origins: Wolverine…even though the movie was not that great. Below is a collection of the Best of Wolverines from the 90’s cartoon…its awesome.

-Brian Lansangan
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