Fan Film Corner: "Modern War Gear Solid"

On our return to Fan Film Corner, we bear witness to “Modern War Gear Solid”
Fan Films are movies based or inspired by anything from movies, tv, and video games created by Fans for the Fans.

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Call of Duty and Metal Gear: Modern War Gear Solid


Lowdown: When Makarov and Liquid Ocelot team up, it’s up to Snake and Ghost to stop them. But who is the real mastermind controlling Makarov and Liquid?

Review: Originally a 5 part series, Beat Down Boogie has now combined all 5 parts and turned it into one Complete 40 minute movie. I also noticed that they add changes to the movie such as extra effects and video enhancements together with improved sound quality. Making it 10x better when i last saw the epic duo fight Liquid and Makarov. In my personal opinion, I really enjoyed the film, especially for watching it for the second time. Definitely worth a watch and especially in its FULL and Complete glory. Full of action, humor and your occasionally geek-boner. Also theres a surprise from another video game icon that will make you shout…”SAY WHHAAT?!?!”


Modern War Gear SolidOverall: Beatdownboogie took two of the best things in gaming and created something EPIC, and MEMORABLE and should be watched by all fans from both games.

5 templar crosses out of 5


-Brian Lansangan


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