Fan Film Corner: "Beyond Black Mesa"

“Welcome to Fan Film Corner” Featuring the first fan film on our list: “Beyond Black Mesa”.

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Halflife: Beyond Black Mesa

Lowdown: Beyond Black Mesa is a short fan film based on the Half-Life Video Game series. It centers around Adrian Shephard and a band of resistance fighters struggling to get out a warning about the impending invasion.

Review: Great Action, awesome Special Effects, Superb Costuming, acting was so-so but expected for a fan film. Also it was great to see the half-life world from the view of the resistance fighters as they struggle to survive the invasion.

Overall: For only having a $1,200 dollar budget…this movie is pretty amazing, and enjoyable

3 templar crosses out of 5
Worth Checking Out!!!

Directed by Brian Curtin
Producer: Matt Hall, Mat Powell
Actors/Grips: Joy Gravel, Walt Thomas, Andrew Gothard
Special Tracks: Nate Quarterman
Narrator: Taylor Robinson
Audio Mastering: Eric Chapman

-Brian Lansangan


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