╬D Recommendation: Batman: LIVE

I’ve been hearing about it for awhile… BATMAN LIVE! has finally hit the U.S.

The EPIC show began its tour in the UK in Manchester in summer 2011. The British Isles part of the tour includes venues in England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. It then launched in North America in Summer 2012.


The plot concerns the origin of Robin and of the Batman and Robin team. It begins with the murder of Bruce Wayne‘s parents in the past and then shows how in the present day he has become the masked vigilante Batman as a result. After his circus acrobat parents are murdered by a gangster during a performance in Gotham City, the orphaned Dick Grayson is put into the care of Bruce Wayne and his faithful butler Alfred byCommissioner Gordon. As the various villains of Gotham team up to defeat their nemesis, Wayne reveals his identity to Grayson and eventually teaches him to properly channel his anger – to seek justice, not revenge. The new pairing is sorely tested when the Joker reveals his masterplan to release the inmates of Arkham Asylum into Gotham and to use Grayson as bait in a final deadly trap for Batman. With the Riddler, the Penguin, Poison Ivy, Two-Face, Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and even Batman’s potential love, the thief Catwoman, all ranged against them as well, the new ‘Dynamic Duo’ faces the ultimate showdown.

In September 2012, Batman Live began touring America, starting in Anaheim, California.

-Brian Lansangan
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