Interview w/ Photographer-Extraordinaire Adam Jay!

Just a few days ago I was fortunate enough to get an exclusive interview with the rising star that is Adam Jay of SuperHero Photography. Check It Out Below!!


Name: Adam Jay
Birthday: 02/03/76
Birthplace: Sudbury, England
Height: 6,1
Weight: 189lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian



Brian: Well first of all, Thank you so much Adam for giving us the opportunity to talk to you. I’m for one….a HUGE fan of your work.

Adam: Thanks Brian, in all honestly these past few months esp since Venom, it’s been a bit overwhelming!

Brian: I hear that, The Venom Latex pictures were amazingly mindblowing!! Which brings me to the first question, What drew you to photography, especially with cosplaying?

Adam:  Well Ive been doing Photography since late 2008 (I used to teach Pole Dancing !!!). I started out shooting Pole Dancers as that’s what I knew, then started doing all manner of style to see which I liked best. It wasn’t until Dec 2011 that I struck gold with the genre I am now doing. =) I’ve always loved superheroes, cartoons and movies. With this style there is no boundary so I am unlimited in what I can create!

Brian: Sounds like you keep a very busy schedule, You must travel alot, so what locations have you been to and where are you mostly based at?


Adam: Well I’m based in the UK and travel anywhere. I’m one of these people who will go get (I never used to be like this). I hit Miami/Orlando a lot as this is where a lot of Cosplayers/Costumers are. One of my best friends has a studio, image 1st, in Miami so it helps a lot! I would love to get to Australia more, the last two Lara Croft shoots with Jenn have been awesome and we are planing our 4th in the Series for March next year, time to go underwater!!

Brian: What was your first ever photoshoot involving cosplay and how did it go?

Adam: The first one was this:

I was fortunate to have Jim Logan (Wolverine) on my first ever shoot like this, accompanied by Max Powers (now Max Shoots) & Alexia. I said to myself that if the shoot went well then I’ll give myself another 6 months at this to see where it takes me. =)

Brian: And look where it is now…AWESOME!! How many photoshoots have you done since you started and Which one has been your favorite by far?

Adam: WoW now there’s a question! OK well it all started to snowball when I did my Wonder Woman shoot with Sarah Scott in the UK.

Then there was the EPIC Shoot in Orlando with 15 Superheroes!!


The VENOM one obviously is a stand out shoot just because of the reaction but I have to say one of the shoots I really loved was the two latest Lara Croft ones as I got out of the studio and on Location. Take a look and let me know what you think!!! 🙂

Brian: I can’t find the words to describe how amazing the pictures are. Your photos include characters from both the DC and Marvel universe, To you: which is your favorite comic book universe and why?
Adam: You know, I’m still trying to work that out! At the moment, Marvel offer more characters but I feel DC have the darkness and gritty style that suit my photography. Ideally though I want to try lesser known characters also, and not always go mainstream
Brian: Other then your current Lara Croft project and the upcoming Carnage photoshoot, Any other future projects you have planned coming up?
Adam: OoOoO yes, you’re in for a TREAT ! There is one I’m doing next Monday that I can’t say anything about but I’m teaming up with Freddie Nova again (Venom) to create something that I havent seen done yet.

Also I will be working with Devious Body Art & Rage Custom Creations to create a Hulk/Venom Body Paint/Liquid Latex Photo Shoot!

Then in March, I will doing an Underwater Lara Croft shoot with Jenn at he 12 Apostles in Australia.

Brian: Who or What is your biggest inspiration in your work and personal support?
Adam: The people that follow me on my page. I appreciate everyone who comments, suggests, critiques and recommends. I admit, I don’t know everything about photography and the superhero/villain world, I have a lot to learn. At the moment I’m just trying to steam ahead and hope one of the players will notice. I would LOVE to work on an image campaign for an upcoming Superhero movie!
Brian: I recently interview one of your past models Alexia Jean Grey who is an awesome and amazing person. How did you meet her and how was it working with her on the Batgirl/woman photoshoot?

Adam: I met her on my first shoot back in December. All I can say is that she has grown so much in that time and is getting everywhere!! I’ve done a few shoots with her, Phoenix, X-23, Batgirl & Black Widow. She’s very easy to work with and listens to everything you say which helps as a photographer!

Brian: nice, my interview with her will be coming out tommorow 9/21/12, you should check out and share to help promote her, some of your pictures are included in the interview.

Other then your facebook page, what other sites can your fans keep in contact with you or follow?

Adam: Well there is Facebook which is the main one and others:

Brian: And finally the final question, If you can say anything to your fans, family, friends…what would it be?
Adam: I want to thank everyone who has supported me this far and helped create a cool Superhero Photography world. The best is yet to come!





Adam Jay will be at the New York Comic Con for the Venom Photo Shoot on Sat. October 13th at 1.30pm. CHECK IT OUT IF YOUR IN THE AREA and Witness the TALENT that is ADAM JAY!!!
-Brian Lansangan
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