Weekly Pull List 9/19/12

Election season got you sick and tired of partisan politics?  Well the Templar Digital Team is here with the endorsement to end all endorsements:  Captain America for President, for Truth, Justice and the American Way!  (…wait, that’s Supes.  Think we can get him on the ticket, too?)

Ultimates #15– Rogers 2012?  Well, apparently over in the Ultimate Universe, the United States has split apart, and Captain America has been elected President to put everything back together.  (Is his VP Luke Cage?  This IS a Bendis comic, after all…)

The Mighty Thor #20– Everything Burns, part 4.  Thor is trapped, betrayed by his brother.  And Loki’s schemes begin to come to fruition.  Will he have his grand revenge?

UNTOLD TALES OF THE PUNISHER MAX #4–  The Punisher takes on human trafficking in this issue penned by the excellent Nathan Edmondson.

Batwoman #0: See how Kate Kane shed her life of excess and disgrace to become the costumed vigilante known as Batwoman! • Has she truly put her demons to rest?

Wonder Woman #0: A facet of the past is revealed – and a foe is introduced! • How did Wonder Woman become a star pupil of Ares?

Penguin: Pain and Prejudice (Trade): Thanks to writer Gregg Hurwitz and artist Szymon Kudranski,Penguin finally has his own version of THE KILLING JOKE. I know those are big words, but they are also true words. Hurwitz mines the darkest depths of Penguin’s mind to produce a series that is truly astounding. In fact, you might even find yourself feeling sympathy for the character whenever Batman bursts in to ruin his day. Now that’s powerful writing.

Likewise, Kudranski’s artwork is appropriately dark and moody, perfectly complementing the tone of Hurwitz’s story. PENGUIN: PAIN AND PREJUDICE is a near perfect melding of words and art, leading to one of the year’s best character examinations.

I loved the series as it came out in single issues, and now it’s available as a collected trade paperback. If you’ve never really been a big fan of the Penguin, this is the book to turn you around on the character. Just don’t expect a happy resolution.

Justice League #0: Billy Batson takes center stage in this issue as he unleashes the awesome power of Shazam in a special origin story! • Also featuring the not-to-be-missed origin of Pandora and the next seeds of TRINITY WAR!

Catwoman #0: The secret origin of Selina Kyle! • Major shocks are in store for Catwoman this year – and this is just the beginning!

Birds of Prey #0: The first meeting of Black Canary and Batgirl…is not at all what you expect! • After Team 7, how did the Birds of Prey come to be?

Nightwing #0: It’s the origin of Dick Grayson in The New 52! • From orphan to super hero – it’s all here!

Red Hood and The Outlaws #0: Learn how Jason Todd came back to life after being killed by The Joker. • Do you really need another reason to check out this issue?

Supergirl #0: On the eve of Krypton’s destruction, who sent Supergirl from Krypton to Earth – and why? The answer is not what you think! • Plus: Learn the answer to a mystery that’s been driving Supergirl mad for months: Who shot her father, Zor-El?!

-Brian Lansangan
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-Kevin Tenorio
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