Comic Review: "Infinity Gauntlet"

SPOILER ALERT: In response to “THANOS” appearance in “The Avengers”. I thought I would look back and read, review the Biggest story that made “Thanos” BIG….”INFINITY GAUNTLET”.

The Infinity Gauntlet is a six issue miniseries written by Jim Starlin, penciled by George Perez and inked by Ron Lim published in 1991.

Death resurrects Thanos who acquires the six infinity gems and kills half the life in the universe in her honor with the Infinity Gauntlet. Adam Warlock leads Earth’s greatest heroes against Thanos.


One of the true classic events in the Marvel universe, and also one of my favorites.

This is the event that Thanos is known best for. It starts off with him having acquired all of the Infinity Gems and realizing what power he has over, well, everything. Despite this, his one true love, Death, does not love him. If anything, she seems to have contempt for him. He realizes that this must be due to not having accomplished his previous promise, the death of half of the life in the universe. A mere snap of the fingers later and this is accomplished.

Of course, the remaining heroes aren’t about to let this slide. They team up and they bring in all the cosmic forces of the universe to have a grand battle with Thanos.

The story deals more with Thanos’s psychological problems, partially because of his fascination with Death, but also with his pursuit of power and his inability to deal with being (effectively) a god.

It’s a fantastic series. Thanos has some amazing character development, you get to see all the heavy hitters of the Marvel universe slugging it out, including all of the cosmic level powers. Despite it being a 90s comic, it’s a complete homerun of an event. This series has the most iconic images of Thanos and the character development is fantastic, especially the unexpected ending.

The art is absolutely gorgeous and the story is beyond epic. Space, time, and reality are bent, broken, and destroyed in a cosmic struggle to stop Thanos. I can’t recommend this enough.

5 templar crosses out of 5

Pictured Right: My copy of Issue 1 of “Infinity Gauntlet:
-Brian Lansangan
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