Fan Film Corner: “Croft”

Croft 2This week for Fan Film Corner….we sit down and watch the Epic and Amazing Tomb Raider Fan Flick…… “Croft”, check out the film and review below.





A woman will risk everything to save a young girl held hostage in the mountains by a group of mercenaries.

Inspired by the Tomb Raider video games among others along with some of the great action movies from the 80’s.

Croft is a Short Film created by a group of friends with a passion for film making. Independently produced we chose to use our strengths as a group to create the best experience for the audience we could. Our goal was to make a short film that would entertain and showcase our talents and have fun doing it.

Croft is a non-profit short fan film. This film is for entertainment purposes only. Inspired by the character created by Core Design and owned by Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics.




This short film (just under 20min) had me hooked from the start. Cinematography for a FAN MADE film was top notch! The action sequences were spot on! For anyone who has played the current reboot of Tomb Raider, this film has got the exact dark and gritty vibe as the game. The cast were excellent and you felt drawn on and connected to everyone, be they hero or villain. As for the ending I will only say, MIND…BLOWN.


Croft 5


This fan film features excellent acting across the board, fluid camera work, and visceral action scenes. Overall, for a non-profit project, this is darn impressive.

5 templar crosses out of 5

Directed by Trevor Addie (
Produced by Irma Leong, Trevor Addie, Stirling Bancroft, Elad Tzadok
Written by Trevor Addie & Irma Leong

Director of Photography — Stirling Bancroft
Additional Photography — Josh Knepper, Trevor Addie

Original Music Score by Chris McIntryre at CDM Audio Productions

Hero — Cassandra Ebner (
Villain — Liam Carter
Girl — Devyn Dalton
Henchmen — Nickolas Baric
Captured Camper — Shaw Madson
Helicopter Pilot — Brad Friesen

Mike Parkerson, Randy Rafuse, Yusuf Ahmed. Melissa Jin, Dima Kolesnyk, Ryan Moss, Katie Stuart, Mike Lewinson, Curtis Braconnier. Ryan Handley, Ken Do, Matt Yanagiya, Andrew Chin, Shawn Robidoux, Michael Woodroft, Paul Pat, Jennifer Li, Joel McGowan, Patrick Sabongui, Greg Ng, David Tenniswood

Stunt Coordinator — Brian “Radar” Lydiatt
Second Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator — Brian Ho
Fight Choreographer — Andrew Chin, Brian Ho, Trevor Addie

Head Rigger — Monte Thompson
Rigger — Fraser Corbett, Christ Geisler, Brian Lydiatt

Ariel Coordinator — Brad Friesen

Hair & Make Up — Alyssa Satow
Special Effects — Mike Ching, Paul Pat

Assistant Director — Nickolas Baric, Patrick Sabongui

1st AC – Anna Macdonald, David Tenniswood, Shane McLeod, Collin Morrison
2nd AC – Madison Twarog. Matthew Hering
Gaffer – Dima Kolesnyk

On Set Sound – Vidar Grande, Eugenio Battaglia

Editor – Trevor Addie
Color Grading – Ryan Schroeder

Post Production Sound
Sound Supervisor – Vidar Grande
Sound Designers – Humberto Corte
Foley Artists — Javier Ivan Perez, Christian Colmenares

SFX Editor — Leonardo Barragan
Recording Mixers — Eugenio Battaglia, Oscar Vargas, Vidar Grande

Visual Effects – Ryan Moss at Frozen Inferno Visual FX

Roto Artist – Chris Shmyr
3D Modeler – Cory Gajsek

Produced in Association with Scopitone Films, Transposition Films

Filmed in Beautiful British Columbia







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