Weekly Pull-List 9/5/12

Wednesday is here, and you know what that means: It’s new comic day, and the Templar Team is here to guide you to what’s great!

Amazing Spider-Man #693:  An old foe resurfaces and a new hero continues to try and find his way.  With Spidey as a mentor he should be okay, right?  …right?

The Mighty Thor #19:  The epic Everything Burns continues as the flames of war are spreading over Asgardia.  Friends become foes and enemies become allies and the only hope to stop Surtr from consuming all of the Nine Realms is for Thor and Loki to work together.

The Punisher #15: Castle and Cole took out one target, but now they’re going to have to tangle with the NYPD as Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto continue an action-packed Punisher run.

Hawkeye #2:  Clint teams up with his Young Avengers counterpart in the second issue of his solo series.

ACTION COMICS #0: It’s officially 0 month for the DC New 52. Grant Morrison and artist Ben Oliver flash back to the early days of Clark Kent in Metropolis to tell a story about a boy who steals Superman’s cape. How will this story tie into Grant Morrison’s overall Superman saga? We’re not quite sure, but odds are it will, so we’re game.
ANIMAL MAN #0: Jeff Lemire and Steve Pugh reveal the secret history of Animal Man, detailing how he got his powers in the first place. Meanwhile, expect some more teases in regards to the upcoming Rotworld crossover.
GREEN LANTERN #0: It’s finally time to meet that brand new Green Lantern everyone is talking about. And in the wake of the Green Lantern Annual #1, now’s as good a time as any to find a new protector for space sector 2814.
SWAMP THING #0: Scott Snyder and artist Kano flash back to shed light on the brutal history of Anton Arcane and his connection to the Green, Red and Rot. Throughout history he has murdered many from both the Green and Red, so how has Alec Holland managed to escape his murderous grasp so many times? Find out this week.

-Brian Lansangan
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-Kevin Tenorio
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