Fan Film Corner: "Batman: The Kill"

Batman: The Kill, a short film made by Super Group Productions is this week’s selection of Fan Film Corner.

Batman has to confront not only one villain but 4 in his wake, as he struggles to fight his inner demons and alarming wake of taking responsibility of killing Harvey Dent.

No Joker or Penguin here. This one features some hard hitting villains like Mr.Zsasz, Black Mask, Hugo Strange, and the Scarecrow plaguing the Bat, and it all turns out ok but not so great. The First Scene with Zsasz was done pretty well with Zsasz testing Batman’s code of not “killing”. The second scene with Black Mask kinda hurt with Batman overselling the emotion and a little bit of humor on Black Mask’s part for looking more like a monkey mask then a skull. The Scarecrow scene was pretty decent but didn’t come close to Cillian Murphy’s counterpart but still great to watch. And finally, the Hugo Strange scene at the end seemed like a waste due to Hugo never seeing Batman just learning about the secret identity from an Asylum assistant but was done for more story pull.

3 templar crosses out of 5

Great concept and production but lacks any emotion and feel. But, does a good job in bringing in 4 of Batman’s most interesting villains. Worth Checking Out if your a Batman Fan.


Batman: The Kill Short FIlm (Zsasz, Black Mask, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange)
Director: Christian Allen
Director of Photography: Robert Mojica
Producers: Jonas Balili, Christian Allen
Writers: Thomas Kamakani Jr., Christian Allen, Robert Mojica
Batman Suit by Gotham City FX (

Shot on a Canon T2i and a Canon T3i
Edited in Premiere Pro, Color Corrected and Color Graded in After Effects

Now I know lately…well mostly all of the Films in Fan Film Corner have been mostly Batman but man if you look at it, There are ALOT of Batman Fan Films, but soon there will be variety of other fan films coming to a computer near you.

-Brian Lansangan
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