RETRO WEEKEND: NES Super Mario Bros. Review

Mamma mia it’sa the first Retro Weekend review and what a better way to kick off this section then to start with the game that revolutionized and paved way for the gaming we all know and love today. Super Mario Bros.

Created by master mind Shigeru Miyamoto, released in 1985 and is a sequel to the arcade hit Mario Bros. which debuted in 1983. Super Mario Bros. is the first in the series released on the Nintendo Entertainment System selling over 40 million copies as of 2003 and was largely responsible for the revival of the gaming industry.

Ungrateful bastard.

Now If you don’t already know this story then you must have been living under a rock for the past 27 years! I bet by the time you get done reading this review you’ll be humming the theme song. So basically you take the role of Mario or Luigi (whoever got stuck as second player) and you go through Mushroom Kingdom fighting off goombas, koopa troopers and other crazy enemies (you probably had nightmares of as a little kid) until you made it to the castle where the evil King Bowser and Princess Peach await! Once defeating Bowser and thinking you’ve rescued Princess Peach you are pleasantly greeted by Toad with the well-known line “Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle!” And two middle fingers if anyone hasn’t noticed.

Being a 5-year-old kid and getting his first taste of a video game ever, I would say it pretty much blew my mind and opened up a world my tiny brain could never imagine! I was instantly hooked, I can’t tell you how many hours I spent playing this game with my eyes glued to my 13 inch television while my mother yelled at me to go eat dinner and screaming back “hold on I’m fighting Bowser!” Even till today this game still holds its fun factor that I enjoyed 22 years ago what I believe is lacking in games today. There’s no tutorials annoying you every five seconds on how to play, there’s no regenerating health bars or fancy cinematic cut screens. It’s just simple and sweet 8 bit graphics, point A to point B and sweet ass music! Even the controls are perfect, no hold Z press triangle then forward up down. It’s just simple run, jump and shoot fireballs. 

Super Mario Bros. was more than just a simple run and jump, it was a very difficult! It took me awhile to actually beat the game growing up, were talking years here okay! But as hard as it was, it was always and still is very entertaining with a very high reply value. You could lose a million times and always have the need to keep trying for the goal. It also had its fair share of hidden secrets that kept the game fresh and increased playability. You had hidden warp pipes to advance through the game quicker, hidden vines that would take you to extra coins, blocks that had hidden lives and even the elusive glitch to the minus world!

Mind Blown!

The “Minus World” arguably regarded as the most famous glitch in video game history. Is an unbeatable level in Super Mario Bros.  In level 1-2 there contains a hidden warp zone, with warp pipes that transport the player to Worlds 2, 3, and 4, accessed by running over a wall near the exit. If the player is able to pull off a bug that allows Mario to pass through the wall, then the player can enter the warp zone that transports the player to a stage called “World -1”. This stage’s map is identical to Worlds 2-2 and 7-2, but making it to the end of the stage, the player is then taken back to the start of the level, which you can pretty much say that Mario is screwed until you lose all of your lives and have to start the game all over again. Pretty mind-blowing huh?

We were so good the power wasn’t even turned on!

The game consisted of eight well designed and very challenging worlds ranging from creepy castles and sewer pipes to giant mushroom caps and perilous jumps that will keep you on your toes and your palms sweating like no tomorrow! But along the way you were given power-ups that aided you throughout your journey such as mushrooms to make Mario grow so you can take a hit, fire flowers that gave you the ability to shoot fireballs and invincibility stars that helped you pretty much wreck everything in your path! You can even collect gold coins to enhance your score and if you collected a hundred you gained an extra life, which I used to rub in my brothers face as he waited patiently to play.

So in conclusion, Super Mario Bros. will always be that timeless classic that no matter if you’re young or old you’ll just always remember it. Regardless if it’s the characters, gameplay, or even the great music. There have been countless sequels and remakes throughout the years and every sequel always improved off of the last to always keep the player entertained. The Mario franchise has never failed to amaze and spark that feeling I used to have when I was young. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t played to go out and grab a copy off Ebay or if you own a Wii to go on the Virtual Console store and download it, you won’t be disappointed! Until then keep blowing those carts (no pun intended) and keep your eyes glued for my next great review. 

 For now I leave you all with this!

Source: Mario Wiki

-Alexander Gothelf
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Fan Film Corner: "Max Payne: Bloodbath"

Corridor Digital has done it again…the great visual minds from youtube have unveiled their latest video short “Max Payne: Bloodbath” and its our latest selection of Fan Film Corner.

Max Payne floats through the air like a fish through the ether, firing away on his double berettas.

The music, the setting, the dark tone of the short made it all too perfect. I felt I truly was watching a cinematic sequence of the epic series. The gun battle was also done to perfection with great effects and intense action. The only problem to me with this short film was that it was….a short film only 3 minutes. But still worth a watch.

5 templar crosses out of 5
Pretty Amazing Effects, only Max Payne can shoot people underwater, Corridor Digital Does It Again!! WORTH WATCHING!!



Max Payne – Zach Sale (
Awesome lighting – Jan Michael-Losada
Coloring – Paolo Cellammare (
Lead goon – Alex Barbatsis (
Underwater help – Arthur To, Ian Spohr (
Pool provider – Andy Mogren (
Costumes to the max – Amanda Manklang

-Brian Lansangan
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Fan Film Corner: Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday

“Deadpool: A Typical Tuesday” by Bean Dip Productions is This Week’s selection of Fan Film Corner.

Marvel’s popular crimson assassin has been hired to kill a specific target, kill the man, get the cash. The problem is, he’s not the only one who was hired.


I must say, I went in skeptical and left having enjoyed myself. It very much feels like a fan movie but is surprisingly well done for having not been done by Marvel Studios. The storyline is pretty straight forward. Deadpool has a job to kill someone. Like most Deadpool encounters, he manages to make it as difficult as possible while still being annoying to everyone he encounters.

The fight scenes are where you see the fan styling come out. I didn’t go in expecting major CGI so I was happy with it. Deadpool still used his swords and has his fun with guns. So that kept him true to character.

Ultimately it was the little things that made the movie enjoyable for me. Without ruining what happens, Deadpool still is able to have his thought bubbles. Also, the writing and portrayal of him is a good fan representation of how Deadpool would act and how annoying he’d be to his enemies. I might not of ever mentally pictured him with that high of a voice, I can’t say it didn’t fit but in the end.. it all works out.

The film catches the essence and feel of the “Merc with a Mouth” perfectly. It’s still a fan movie so it won’t blow you away, however, it is still a fun ride to enjoy and is worth watching.

3 templar crosses out of 5
It was enjoyable, light-hearted and very Deadpool. So check it out and enjoy!



Trevor Garner – Deadpool
Chris Burns – Bullseye
Secret Harris – Domino


-Brian Lansangan
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Fan Film Corner: "Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within"

Thousand Pound Action Company’s short: “Street Fighter x Tekken: The Devil Within” is this week’s Fan Film Corner Selection!!

LOWDOWN:Both hide in the depths of one’s soul and are unrelenting powers that plague the heroes of the Tekken and Street fighter universes respectively. “Is the quest for power just when the cost is your own humanity?” When these two powers discover the existence of one another, it changes the fate of many warriors from both worlds.

When the renowned world warrior Ryu, (from Street Fighter lore) begins to struggle with the darkness inside (The “Satsui no hadou”) it attracts the attention of a man who has come to fully accept his own darkness, Kazuya Mishima (Tekken series regular). With the Devil Gene howling inside Ryu’s mind, Kazuya attacks, catching him off guard and taking advantage of his battle within. Who will win when these worlds collide?

I ran into this video by accident while researching videos and looking for anything on Street Fighter’s Ryu for next character spotlight. Man, I was literally blown away by this video, Mad Kudos to the Thousand Pound Action Company and their fight team for making such an action packed short with Ryu and Kazuya from Tekken with an appearance with Ken Masters from Street Fighter as well. I also checked out their other video: “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight” which will also be our next Fan Film Corner Selection and is also worth watching as well. Great Action, Short Dialogue which makes it perfect, amazing effects and great locations for the film.

Blown away by the action in this film, Short to nearly no Dialogue which keeps the pace going and intensity up and Great Special Effects with an amazing location for the fights. Definitely a watch if your fan of Street Fighter and Tekken.


4 templar crosses out of 5
Deserves a watch whether your fan of Street Fighter and Tekken or not



Directer – Christopher Cowan

Co-Director – Haile Lee

Executive Producers – Christopher Cowan and Haile Lee

Producers – Emily Ruth Carter and Lauren Bentle

Choreography – Vonzell Carter

Ken – Reuben Langdon

Ryu – Dan Southworth

Kazuya – Mark Musashi

Jin – Brendon Huor

-Brian Lansangan
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Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight

With “The Dark Knight Rises” only days away, I thought it would be perfect to shows a special Documentary about the great “Caped Crusader” that was released about two years ago on The History Channel.

Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The character first appeared in Detective Comics #27 (May 1939), and since then has appeared primarily in publications by DC Comics. Originally referred to as “The Bat-Man” and still referred to at times as “The Batman”, he is additionally known as “The Caped Crusader”,”The Dark Knight”, and “The World’s Greatest Detective”.

BATMAN UNMASKED: The Psychology of the Dark Knight

Delve into the world of Batman and the vigilante justice that he brought to the city of Gotham. Batman is a man who, after experiencing great tragedy, devotes his life to an ideal — but what happens when one man takes on the evil underworld alone?

Examine why Batman is who he is — and explore how a boy scarred by tragedy becomes a symbol of hope to everyone else.

Not only does this documentary investigate the mental attitude of the mysterious caped crusader along with selective interviews from various expert, but also put some brilliant resemblances between the Batman and Theodore Roosevelt.

Additionally, the filmmakers shows how spiritual iconography greatly influenced the development of the Batman character.

Aside from that, it includes a short insight inside the motivating force that drives other infamous figures such as the Catwoman and the Joker. Explore why the history of the Cape Crusader and discover how a kid scarred by traumatic event turns into a symbol of hope for City of Gotham.

Also check out our Character Spotlight on Batman and other stories we done relating to Batman by clicking the Links below:

I am super excited about the upcoming “The Dark Knight Rises”, I been waiting forever. The reviews for the film have been very very positive. I will be also posting an “On The Go”: Movie Review of the film as soon as I bear witness to the film. I hope everyone enjoys the upcoming film as well as this “post” and our other “Batman” previous posts. And we’ll see you at the Movies.

-Brian Lansangan
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Character Spotlight: Ryu (Street Fighter)

Street Fighter’s Ryu is this week’s exciting selection of Character Spotlight.

Having premiered in the first “Street Fighter” in 1987, Ryu appears as the lead character from the game along with his best friend Ken Masters participating in the Street Fighter tournament. Further games from the series show Ryu to be highly focused on his training, aiming to become the strongest he can. However, his powers also attract several criminals who want to use him for their plans. In some games, Ryu has an alternate form known as Evil Ryu. Ryu has arguably become the most famous character in the fighting game genre, starring in early fighting games such as Street Fighter, but really got well known in Street Fighter II, where he was considered a “basic” character. He, along with Mega Man, is considered one of Capcom’s unofficial “mascots”.


OCCUPATION: Fighter and World Traveler
WEIGHT: 150lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown/Black
FIGHTING STYLE: Martial Art rooted in Ansatsuken
FIRST APPEARANCEStreet Fighter in 1987

Ryu is portrayed as a Japanese man whose basic and most recognizable attire from the Street Fighter II timeline consists of medium-length brown hair, brown eyes, a long, red headband, a white karate gi with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, completely bare feet, and a black belt. Ryu’s first appearance in the original Street Fighter replaced the red headband with a white one and depicted him with bright red hair, gray eyes, and red slippers. In the Street Fighter Alpha series, Ryu’s hair became a lighter shade of brown, and he retained the white headband which hearkens back to his appearance in the first Street Fighter. Ryu would not canonically receive his red headband until after a sparring session with Ken during this timeline. In Street Fighter III, Ryu has black hair, and facial stubble to show his growth in age. Ryu’s gi becomes increasingly tattered and aged throughout the game’s timeline, indicating its years of wear and tear. Ryu’s most recent appearance in Street Fighter IV has him in his original Street Fighter II outfit.

In many of his appearances, Ryu carries around a large, white duffel bag containing items important to his travels, such as clothing, plane tickets, passports, and local currency.

In some official Street Fighter II artwork, Ryu’s belt has four kanji emblazoned upon it: kaze (風 wind), hayashi (林 woods), hi (火 fire) and yama (山 mountain); these four kanji make up the furinkazan. The same four kanji can be seen on a sign on the left-hand side of Ryu’s stage inStreet Fighter II. The four words are based on chapter seven of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, which dictates how one should conduct battle: “as fast as the wind, as quiet as the forest, as daring as fire, and immovable as the mountain.” These kanji are again visible on his belt in Street Fighter IV.

Ryu is usually a silent, humble, serious individual whose severity is often juxtaposed against the light-hearted, fiery persona of his best friend, Ken. He travels the globe with a stern nature, often appearing to others as boring or detached. On rare occasion, Ryu shows a very bad sense of humor. Ryu’s overarching goal in Street Fighter is to become a total master of his fighting style. To this end, Ryu plays the part of the wandering warrior, and takes both his travels and his training very seriously. Although he appears to be aloof and unemotional, Ryu is actually a kind and good-hearted person. He respects others with skills equal to his own and holds heroic figures like Captain America, Spider-Man and Cyclops in high regard, as seen in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. However, by the time of Street Fighter III, it seems that Ryu has developed a somewhat more friendly personality. He is still very quiet and reserved, but is willing to greet people with a smile and some kind advice, very much like his master Gouken.

There is, however, a dark side to Ryu. His drive to improve himself, no matter the difficulty, can sometimes develop into a drive to win and to be the best, no matter what the cost, as these two goals are so dangerously similar. This darker drive is fed by, and in turn feeds, the Satsui no Hadou within him, an influence which Ryu must constantly fight to suppress (at least until the time of Street Fighter III). Ryu’s desire to be better can sometimes make his advice to his defeated opponents seem more arrogant and judgmental than Gouken’s, though he is fundamentally well-intentioned. In times when his inner darkness threatens to overcome him, Ryu relies on his friends – primarily Ken, Chun-Li, and Sakura – to keep him grounded and snap him out of it.


Ryu’s techniques are the “Hadouken” which has become a staple projectile among fighting referred to as the “Fireball”, the “Shoryuken” which is a favorite among many players to use, referred to as a “Dragon Punch” and is an uppercut maneuver that hits once, and the “Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku” or “Hurricane Kick” as most refer it to. In early versions of Street Fighter 2, Ryu could only use all attacks on the ground, however in later versions, he is able to perform the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku in the air. Also he has the ability to use a more powerful version of the Hadouken known as the “Shakunetsu Hadouken” where the Hadouken is a variation of fire and deals more damage. In the Alpha series, he has a tactic known as the “Hadou no Kamae” which is a tactic of trickery, fooling the opponent into a potential counter. More variations of Ryu’s attacks came in the form of his medium punch, kick, and heavy punch moves where holding forward and pressing any of the 2 punch buttons enables different attacks which deals two hits but has a delayed start. In Alpha, The Medium Kick action performs a weaker version of the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku, which deals less damage but is quicker to perform. In the ‘Street Fighter 3series, Ryu gains one new special move called the “Joudan Sokutou Geri” which is a powerful side kick that shoves opponents away with great force while its EX version is powerful to bounce the opponent off the arena wall. In the Street Fighter EX Series, his Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku is replaced with a flying kick attack which can be done in succession by inputting the same command twice or three times.

While Ryu and Ken follow the same martial arts discipline, as the Street Fighter series evolved, the differences between the two characters was portrayed by their attacks: Ryu focused on technique while Ken opted for stylish unpredictability.

Ryu’s normal attacks are slightly slower than Ken’s, albeit straightforward. His special moves are more focused; Ryu inflicts damage with individual strikes rather than combinations. His Shoryuken does only one hit, so Ryu can effectively use this move at full power against airborne opponents. Ryu can dodge projectiles at the start of hisShoryuken maneuver and knock an opponent down with one hit.

Ryu focuses more on the Hadou principle of the fighting style, which translates to him being very skilled with his usage of ki – Ryu has the most concentrated Hadoken between him and Ken, and is surpassed only by Goukenand Akuma (in their “Shin” forms) in both gauge and concentrate in certain instances. However, both Gouken and Akuma have a generation’s worth of experience over him. Ryu is the only student of this martial art capable of using the Shakunetsu Hadouken with the greatest of care—ensuring that the surge still burns bright with flames, but won’t result in immolation.

Ryu and Ken have a comparable duality with Akuma. There are two philosophical approaches to Karate, and Japanese martial arts in general. Do and Jutsu, or The path/way, and method/technique. One is more for personal development (as in judo) and the other is more for practical application (as in jujutsu).

Capcom USA originally referred to Ryu’s fighting style as “Shotokan”, despite bearing little resemblance to the discipline. Because of this, Ryu and other characters who use similar styles (such as Ken and Akuma) are still called “Shoto clones” or “shotos” by fans. Although as the Ryu character is based on the real life events of Yoshiji Soeno, who was a practitioner of kyokushinkai karate under Masu Oyama, the traditional kyokushinkai techniques can be clearly seen in the character’s fighting style, as with Makoto, who’s fighting style and techniques are based off shotokan karate.

In various media, Ryu is also shown as a very versatile fighter, able to quickly adapt on opponent’s fighting style. He also posesses great stamina, which allows him to take a lot of punishment against brutish foes.

-Brian Lansangan
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FanFilm Corner "ComicCon Edition": #DIRTYLAUNDRY

QUESTION: What’s the difference between justice and punishment? #DIRTYLAUNDRY

At Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego, the actor Thomas Jane unveiled a short-film called “#DIRTYLAUNDRY”. Besides Jane, the movie also stars Ron Pearlman which is unusual to have 2 popular Actors starring in a short-fan-film but stranger things have happened I guess. 
Thomas Jane plays a hardened and seemingly tortured individual living out of his rusty old van and all he wants to do is mind his own business and do his dirty laundry. Problem is he’s in the worst part of the wrong side of town. On his way to the coin laundry, he runs into a gang of thugs getting off on terrorizing the “working girls” and innocent bystanders. Can he avoid intervening? Has he done this before? Only one way to find out and so without further ado…
Warning: Violence. Gore, Strong Adult Content

The 10 minute short does a fantastic job in conveying unspoken emotion. You can feel what Thomas Jane’s character is going through without the need of dialogue and what little dialogue is in the film propels the story forward towards the climax. Well executed story, perfect build up, the violence in the film equaled the atrocities of the criminals and an ending worthy of the prior 9 minutes. #DIRTYLAUNDRY satisfies and at the last minute leaves you excited and wanting more.

Obviously the character Thomas Jane is playing is Frank Castle aka “The Punisher” but the filmmakers were really careful not to break copyright law as to avoid any potential lawsuits from Marvel/Disney. Just recently, Marvel acquired the rights to The Punisher which I’m sure means a proper Punisher reboot is in order. And who knows, maybe this little film could be the catalyst that convinces Marvel Studios to hire Jane for the role of The Punisher once more.
I’m a huge Punisher fan, I love his gritty, dark, real-world, ultra violent attitude he brings to the Marvel ‘verse. He’s definitely my favorite anti-hero. But unfortunately both The Punisher (2004) with Thomas Jane and Punisher: Warzone (2008) with Ray Stevenson movies were not worthy of the classic character. The Punisher (1989) a little known but great film with Dolph Lundgren was a much closer depiction of the violent Marvel character than the newer films. But with much respect to Jane and Stevenson, it was the stories that fell short. I think they did the best job they could with what was handed to them. 
I remember a while ago on Fanboy Radio, they interviewed Thomas Jane and I was pleased to hear that he’s a big pulp/sci-fi comic fan (like myself) and even produces his own comics (RAW STUDIOS) and  explained how hard it was trying to make the Punsher sequel TRUE to the Punisher character, but unfortunately Jane and LionsGate couldn’t see eye-to-eye and went their separate ways. However, I think this short proves who had the right idea. As an Indy filmmaker I’m a fan of Thomas Jane, he’s a hero of sorts, he’s a real rags to riches story (he was homeless in his 20’s). He’s a director, comic book creator, voice-actor, actor and just an all around amazing, not to mention, accomplished geek. I was happy to have met him at ComicCon 2010.

 There’s a quote by Thomas Jane on the movies description section that I think says it all…

“I wanted to make a fan film for a character I’ve always loved and believed in – a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It’s been a blast to be a part of from start to finish — we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.”
   -Thomas Jane

ComicCon 2010, my brother Dennis Chacón handing in his portfolio to Thomas Jane at the RAW STUDIOS booth.
-Photographed by Eric Chacón

††††† 5 templar crosses out of 5
MUST WATCH!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! (We hope Marvel/Disney is watching!)


Thomas Jane as Vigilante (Frank Castle/The Punisher)
Ron Pearlman as Liquor Store Clerk
Sammi Rotibi as GOLDTOOTH
Karlin Walker as the kid ‘DESHAWN’

Directed by Phil Joanou
Produced by Adi Shankar
Written by Chad St. John
In collaboration with 

-Eric Chacón

Friday the 13th Special – Fan Film Corner: The Nightmare ends on Halloween 2

Now that Comic-Con is in FULL swing and Friday the 13th has dawn upon us, I thought it would be really cool to do a review on a Horror Fan Film featuring 5 of the greatest horror icons in film history. Fan Film Corner presents: “The Nightmare Ends on Halloween 2”.

HAPPY FRIDAY the 13th!!!! everyone from all of us here at Templar Digital


The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II, A direct sequel to the 2004 horror mash up, “The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II” recaps the very last scene of the first film and reveals the outcome of Freddy Krueger’s fate. Will he survive a battle royale against Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees and Leatherface, or will Pinhead reclaim Freddy’s demonic soul?


I chose to do the review on the sequel then its predecessor because the sequel had more characters and more intense action while still keeping the horror theme going. Picking up directly where the first one left off, Chris R. Notarile’s eagerly awaited sequel to his much admired original horror short gets right down to stirring brass tacks and delivers exactly what it promises with Freddy Krueger facing off against his formidable peers Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Leatherface in a battle for his very soul. Notarile stages the wall-to-wall fast’n’furious fight set pieces with his trademark lean’n’mean skill and brio; it’s a total treat to see these major horror icons vigorously mix it up in an extremely brutal no-holds-barred manner (for example, Freddy kicks Leatherface right where it hurts most). Roberto Lombardi portrays Freddy with a burning rage and vitality that’s impressive and entertaining in equal measure. Of course, Freddy gets to spit out a few choice terse one-liners amid all the fierce butt-stomping (all-time favorite line; Krueger to Jason: “They should have drowned you at birth!”). Hector De La Rosa as Jason, Josh Rothman as Michael Myers, Anthony Palmisano as Leatherface, and Kevin Lennon as Pinhead (the latter is voiced by Notarile with appropriate deep and sinister relish) are all likewise sturdy in their roles.

Super Kudos are in order for Notarile’s polished cinematography and snappy editing as well as the cool rocking soundtrack. But it’s ultimately the sheer go-for-it verve of the whole enterprise that makes it such a blast to watch. Highly recommended.

4 templar crosses out of 5

If you haven’t seen it already it, check it out! It’s good horrific fun and one of my favorite films of Blinky Productions. “The Nightmare Ends on Halloween” is one hell of a ride!!


Roberto Lombardo … Freddy Krueger

Kevin Lennon … Pinhead

Chris R. Notarile … Pinhead (voice)
Josh Rothman … Michael Myers
Jerry Todisco … Jason Voorhees

Hector De La Rosa … Jason Voorhees

Anthony Palmisano… Leatherface / Michael Myers

Produced by Chris R. Notarile
Cinematography by Chris R. Notarile (director of photography) 
Film Editing by Chris R. Notarile 
Casting by Chris R. Notarile 
 Art Direction by Chris R. Notarile
Makeup Department
Chris R. Notarile …. special makeup effects artist 

Special Effects by Shay Fogg ….
Prop builder: Freddy’s Glove by Chris R. Notarile
Special photographic effects Costume and Wardrobe Department by Chris R. Notarile

Blinky Productions

-Brian Lansangan
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