Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teaser

So Paramount and Nickelodeon has finally released the first teaser for The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. Hmmm…. I’m going to hold back judgment for a proper trailer. But I will say this, the Ninja Turtles look better than I expected. Other than that the film is directed by  who isn’t terrible but isn’t all that great either so I hope he’s stepped up his directing game since the headache inducing Wrath of the Titans. Check out the trailer below!

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HEROES REBORN Teaser Trailer

NBC has announced that they’re bringing their canceled series HEROES back as a 13 episode miniseries titled “HEROES REBORN”. The production is also bringing back it’s original executive producer Tim Kring. Details are, of course, being kept under wraps but they went on the record to say that “we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the shows original cast members popping back in.”

Back before Heroes originally aired they were advertising it like crazy in movie theaters and I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine about how the show looked doomed from the get-go but because of it’s comic book nature I would be giving it a try. I was hooked by the first season, but by the third season I didn’t care about the convoluted characters and thinning storyline. Looks like I’m finding myself with the same initial feelings with the reboot. Oh well, guess I’ll give it a try when it airs lol.


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“Sic Parvis Magna”


I’ll be honest. I went into this movie expecting a terrible, gimmicky, bastardized version of Robocop. I can safely say that with out a doubt, I was completely mistaken.

For starters, I love the original Robocop it’s one of my favorite movies directed by one of my favorite directors . Back in the 80’s Paul Verhoeven took a script that no one wanted and quite honestly read like a campy B-movie and made it into an ultraviolet, sci-fi crime drama. Simply put It’s a cult classic, whats not to love? Ok, maybe the sequels it spawned weren’t all that great, lol whatever lets stick to the original for now.

From the opening title (complete with signature theme music) Robocop has a serious “real world” tone to it. It deals with crazy science and technology that feels like it could become reality in the not too distant future.

 brought his own unique and refreshing flavor to the character of Alex Murphy and managed to pull off the iconic Robo-walk and the familiar overall presence of Peter Weller‘s performance. The antagonist of the film is Raymond Sellars played by , a stereo-typical megalomaniac, cooperate douche-genius a-la Steve Jobs but pulls it off surprisingly well with an over all, collective and eerie calm about him.  plays Murphy’s wife Clara Murphy and does a great job at delivering just enough drama to the story when it was needed without it getting too melodramatic plus she’s a hottie and that never hurts.

Here’s a perfect example of taking a piece of beloved pop-culture and bringing it up to date with out swearing off the original material. Robocop was a total homage to the original all while being it’s own movie. It was a perfect balance of cop drama, serious science fiction, and big budget action flick. The Acting was all spot-on, the story never dragged and watching it on the RPX screen (Regal Theaters version of IMAX) was so awesome (and so loud!).

When you go see this movie (AND YOU WILL!) don’t go in juxtaposing every detail with the original. Trust me, there’s plenty retro-love for the original Robocop sprinkled through out the film, all the way up to the end scene. Now if I were to nitpick I would say that the only thing that was missing from this version that the original 1987 film had plenty of, is Ultra-violence BUT at no point did I feel like it lacked violence, there’s plenty of deaths and gunshot wounds to keep the most jaded of action-movie goers satisfied. The film was surprisingly dramatic and gritty for its PG-13 rating. I’m glad the filmmakers didn’t take the cliche route by simply churning out another overly “dark”, big budget, anti-hero movie.

I’m totally happy with this take on Robocop, it was entertaining and because of it’s well balance approach to it subject matter, it’s suitable for a younger audience who now have a damn-good Robocop to call their own.

Director  and screenwriter Joshua Zetumer couldn’t have made a better Robocop reboot! So rest your retro-doubts and forget your pre-misconceptions of this film. Go out and see this movie you will not be disappointed!

╬D TV Recap: Fringe

Fringe, Fox’s direct descendant of The X-Files, is a sci-fi tale of risk, redemption, romance, repairing strained family relations and mad science run amok.

Much like its predecessor, Fringe is mostly a procedural show, with “mystery of the week” type weird science events to investigate, along with a slowly expanding mythology.  But whereas X-Files focused on urban legends and aliens, the action on Fringe’s first four years focuses primarily on a conflict between two alternate dimensions (done in a very comic book way) starring an ensemble cast of FBI agents known collectively as Fringe Division:

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