Tube News: Alex Trebek of Jeopardy suffers Heart Attack!!

Alex Trebek, long time host of the game show “Jeopardy!,” has been hospitalized and is under observation after suffering a mild heart attack this past Saturday.Alex Trebek, age 71, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and is undergoing further testing and evaluation, according to a statement released by Sony Pictures Entertainment, which produces the show.

Sony Pictures Entertainment stated Sunday that Trebek was in good spirits and is expected to fully recover and will be back at “Jeopardy!” when production begins taping in July for it’s 29th season.

The Canadian-born Trebek has been the syndicated game show since 1984, and previously hosted game shows “High Rollers” and “Pitfall.”

We, here at Templar Digital wish Alex Trebek a full and fast recovery and hope to see him soon again on weeknights at 7pm. (What is Jeopardy!).
-Brian Lansangan
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Fan Film Corner: "TETHER"

Welcome Back to Fan Film Corner: Today’s film comes from the mastermind at Corridor Digital titled: “TETHER”

Lowdown: Enter the mysterious world of Tether; a post-apocalyptic setting where mankind is slowly rebuilding from a virus that decimated the world a century ago. Now, mysterious cables are dropping from the sky, revealing an isolated world long forgotten.

“TETHER” is a pilot/concept piece for a web series that Corridor Digital has been developing over the past few years. The future of the project is still uncertain, but the fan faithful are lucky enough to get a glimpse of the great work that Corridor Digital has done so far.

Review: Corridor Digital brings back their “TETHER” idea to the fold and I have to say it shows great potential with mystery, action, and Scifi. The chase scene is very interesting and the special effects are awesome as always by Corridor Digital. The biggest hook for the “pilot” is the mysterious alien that emerges from the tether and strolls around with a mini-gun…it is awesome!! I can’t wait to see if Corridor Digital has to unveil in the possible upcoming possible web series.

Overall: With just the right amounts of action,sci-fi, drama, suspense and special effects, Corridor Digital has created possibly one of their finest work yet. Above par performances all around which is expected in a fan film or fan series, superb special effects, and an interesting story with a splash of wanting more.

4 templar crosses out of 5
Deserves a Peek


Explanation of “TETHER” by Corridor Digital

Original “TETHER”


Story and concept created by Sam Gorski, David Lovett, Niko Pueringer
Directed and Shot by Sam and Niko
Produced by Jake Watson, David Lovett
Production crew – Joe Tarczon, Joe Moore
Art Design – Josh Newland
Horse trainer – Amanda Fagerlund
Spaceman Costume – Dave Weimert

Jim: Ron Menzel
Hayley: Rachel Weber
Lyle: Steven Luke Schuetzle

Barker: Sasha Adreev
Davis: Nick Hansen

Horseman: Jake Watson
Frail Woman: Larissa Gritti
Spaceman: Niko Pueringer
Earl: Joe Torczon
Father: Eli Coats
Daughter: Kathryn Doers
Son: Jasper Morgan

-Brian Lansangan
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Sony FS700 & BMD 2K Cinema Camera

Looks like the cameras indy filmmakers will be using are only getting better and cheaper by the year. What started with the Canon HDSLRs are now transitioning to full 2k and 4K feature rich digital film cameras by both industry titans and new comers. With these soon to be released tools, not only are we getting the filmic look that indy filmmakers want but are getting an incredible dynamic range for full color control along with the highest of resolutions used by big studio productions.

With the successor of the Sony NEX-FS100, the $8,000 FS700 will no doubt make some waves with such features as super slow motion full-1080p (i.e. 240fps), built-in ND filters, XLR input, 3G-SDI and Super35mm CMOS sensor capable of producing full 4k RAW footage via a future (software) upgrade. 

The FS100 caught my attention probably not as much as it should have. But the FS700 is a head-turning, affordable beast of a camera. Now, the only thing that has me worried is… the quality of the 4K footage that it’s suppose to produce. I’m just a little confused as to why Sony didn’t just release it 4K out of the box, instead of 4K-ready. Just seems a little odd. There could very well be nothing to it. But still it’s questionable.

Here’s sample footage:

But Sony isn’t the only one shaking up the indy world. The company most famous for there coloring software, DaVinci Resolve are breaking new grounds with Black Magic Design‘s very first, 2K Cinema Camera. I was shocked at first when I heard the news… a software company making a camera? After grasping that concept I realized… holy crap… it’s 2.5K out of the box… for $3000!!!! My mind was blown, how is this possible? I was excited to say the least. 
It’s possible because BMD CC is aiming at indy filmmakers who’s budget lay between a mid-level DSLR and say Canon’s 5D Mark III. The Cinema Camera sports a capacitive touch screen LCD for camera settings and “slate” metadata entry and records in 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 fps and features an odd sized sensor that sits between a Super16mm and a Micro 4/3 sensor, which automatically brings up questions of low-light performance. The crop factor of that sensor size will roughly be around 2.4, appose to most popular DSLRS which is 1.5. Something to take into consideration as far as your existing lenses are concerned.
When BMD was designing the CC they had workflow in mind, along with 13 stops of dynamic range, 12 bit RAW uncompressed, you can record directly to AppleProRes, AvidDNXHD or  Quicktime formats. The CC completely uses open standards. Thunderbolt connection for live scopes (and charging), removable 2.5″ SATA SSDs (Solid State Disc) for on-board recording, 1/4″ inch microphone inputs, compatible with ZF and EF glass, BNC 3 Gb/s SDI out,   and… DaVinici Resolve 9 software thrown on top. So it’s a $3000 dollar camera with $1,500 worth of free software. 
Here’s some sample footage: 

Ultimately every Filmmakers need is different. And if the FS700 holds true, it will be perfect for me because of the possiblilities it will give me with special f/x. Also, I just like having more options on hand, I’m one of those guys who over compensates :). I will hold out for the Sony FS700. But without a doubt BMDs Cinema Camera looks to be an amazing tool, certainly for any curious would-be filmmakers out there. I’m all for variety and these cameras exhibit exactly that.

-Eric Chacón

Young Filmmaker gets serious about FCPX

If you’ve kept up with the latest editing software you are well aware of the craziness Apple stirred up with Final Cut Pro X a year ago. Personally, I was taken back by FCPX at first. My initial reaction was… “iMovie pro?”. It wasn’t until FCPX ver 10.0.2 that I threw caution to the wind and jumped into the infamous NLE to see what it was all about.

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